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Skeptics in the pub speaker - on gender/sex

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Milander Mon 14-Nov-16 22:04:57

About a year ago I watched a very good skeptics in the pub speaker on YouTube. She was speaking at one of the monthly meetings. Does anyone know who she is? I cannot find any trace of the video now. She was an academic debunking the trend.

lostinabook Mon 14-Nov-16 22:06:34

No but a lot of Sitp groups are on twitter plus the main organisation worth tweeting them

Milander Mon 14-Nov-16 22:09:30

I'll have a look

thecraftyfox Mon 14-Nov-16 23:50:43

Was it Rebecca Riley-Cooper? She's done a few skeptics in the pub talks on gender identity and she's brilliant.

FreshwaterSelkie Tue 15-Nov-16 07:33:15

Was it this talk?

Rebecca Reilly-Cooper is fab!

mirandayardley Tue 15-Nov-16 23:36:05

This would be Rebecca Reilly-Cooper. I was at this meeting, it was held in a microbrewery!

I also saw her do the same talk in Salford, a very earnest libfem argued the way to address women's fear of male violence was to educate women that not all men are potential rapists or perpetrators of sexual assault.


FreshwaterSelkie Wed 16-Nov-16 05:38:55

It's a view that gets a regular airing right here on this board, miranda. We're supposed to empowerfulise our way out of the fear, but we're just too infantilised. So sad.

Milander Wed 16-Nov-16 07:22:33

Yes! That is the one! Thank you!

venusinscorpio Wed 16-Nov-16 09:01:18

Rebecca Riley Cooper is brilliant.

venusinscorpio Wed 16-Nov-16 09:01:44

*Reilly Cooper

venusinscorpio Wed 16-Nov-16 09:02:49

Wonder which current thread you're thinking of freshwater... grin

Xenophile Wed 16-Nov-16 09:05:59

There are so many to choose from venus, although my present favourite is the one where women who are repeatedly assaulted need to take responsibility for that.

FreshwaterSelkie Wed 16-Nov-16 14:57:23

oh, none in particular, venus

<whistles, scuffs foot> grin

venusinscorpio Wed 16-Nov-16 15:12:32

It's getting even worse! I'll stop TAATing now grin

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