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ThinkAboutItTomorrow Sat 12-Nov-16 08:06:22

I just got this through LinkedIn. I get the reason for women's networking. Support without mansplaining. But this just feels like creating a female alternative to the rugby club or golf club. Like saying it's ok to have boys clubs, we'll have girls clubs. Which is fine if you like that sort of thing on a personal level but just feels utterly defeating the point to make it a professional thing.
And why the fuck does it have to be sparkly?!

I hope you don't mind my contacting you but I wanted to draw your attention to Gliterary Lunches, a unique way to entertain women clients. As we have just launched in London, I wanted to introduce what we do and hopefully tempt you to take a table at an event in the future.
Designed with women in mind, these are lively events which combine lunch, literature and laughter.  We have been running them in various cities across the UK since 2006, giving sparkling women an opportunity to entertain clients, network or simply socialise with likeminded friends. We are very established in Edinburgh and Glasgow where we regularly welcome organisations such as banks, law firms, accountants and management consultants among others. With that in mind, I thought you might be interested in London events.

LassWiTheDelicateAir Sat 12-Nov-16 10:01:26

I hadn't heard of these until earlier this week when a friend was talking about them. She had been at a couple and really enjoyed them.

ThinkAboutItTomorrow Sat 12-Nov-16 13:35:59

Each to their own I suppose. But I don't see why professional women need their own 'glittery' corporate entertainment. Just feels like an unnecessary stereotype

70sDinnerPartyClassic Sat 12-Nov-16 13:39:40

The choices for corporate entertainment in my industry at least are very stereotypically male - watching sports / playing golf. While I'm not interested in sparkles or glitter, anything which increases the range of options is good. The only question - if a woman is in a role with corporate entertainment she does the golf/sports/whatever. How many men will go along to a corporate activity which is a stereotypically female thing? That's a problem.

Meals out are probably safest all round :D

ThinkAboutItTomorrow Sat 12-Nov-16 15:28:47

Well yes, corporate entertainment is generally shit but surely the gap is for gender neutral things not to harden the really unnecessary gender lines. The last thing we need is to reinforce gender in business.

powershowerforanhour Sat 12-Nov-16 17:46:00

Naff title. I'd be tempted to misread and email back thanking them for the info on their Cliterary lunches.

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