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Women's health and medical provision

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Greengager Wed 02-Nov-16 21:16:51

this got me thinking about about health care provision for women generally. I wonder if there would be a better level of provision or research into such issues if the people experiencing these problems were men. I remember when I first started to have periods reading about toxic shock syndrome and the advice stated that 'nobody knows what causes it' (think this has now changed) it seemed pretty poor that that was the case for something that could effect all menstruating women. Also article suggest there are thresholds of care for men that are not as high for women (not sure I agree with this btw I think drug trials should be halted to investigate symptoms).

I wonder if women are expected to put up with more and cole with ill health as a matter of course? If that's the case does it have a direct effect on healthcare provision?

Greengager Wed 02-Nov-16 21:17:36

Cope no cole

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