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When your feminism has worn off on others

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sashh Fri 21-Oct-16 07:20:02

Following on from the what people think have you ever had your feminism rub off on others?

I'm thinking of a friend who was watching some music competition / show, it might have been Eurovision, it might have been the brits.

Anyway afterwards she said she kept waiting for a female act/singer and that it was all men for the first 10 or so, and she followed it with, "you've done that to me, I'd never have noticed before".

My dad (in his 70s) told me that the engineer who came to fix his Virgin TV was female, but in a 'I thought you might be interested' rather than 'Bloody hell a woman engineer'.

Anyone else?

ladyballs Fri 21-Oct-16 07:57:22

My boyfriend has read a lot of the radical feminist articles I've liked on Facebook and we've talked about them at length.

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