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Men want to feel heroic, women just want to feel awake

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noblegiraffe Sun 16-Oct-16 00:17:46

Or that's the impression Radox are giving with their shower gel collection.

The women's choices are totally crap! Women might want to feel powerful and strong but they can't because those bottles are labelled FOR MEN. On the other hand, men can feel 'ready' if they really want to because those bottles aren't technically gendered, but I suppose a man wouldn't even buy shower gel if not given permission by the packaging.

This is shit, right?

Marbleheadjohnson Sun 16-Oct-16 00:36:39

"stimulated"? Is that that minty shower gel that tingles your balls?

I think all of them are pretty stupid, to be fair. I don't know many men who think they can get heroism from a two quid bottle of shower gel.

CrazyOldBagLady Sun 16-Oct-16 00:50:39

You're so not being unreasonable OP, this is more than a bit cringe worthy!

NoCapes Sun 16-Oct-16 00:57:44

Why do men need seperate shower gel at all confused

LassWiTheDelicateAir Sun 16-Oct-16 01:02:05

They all look crap. If anything I think it's patronising to men. The gender neutral ones just get you clean and unsmelly, (or smelling of artificicial scents)pretty much the raison d'etre of shower gel.

As marble says a 2 quid bottle of shower gel won't invoke heroism on either sex.

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