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Feeling proud!

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KellyBoo800 Tue 27-Sep-16 18:56:06

I am part of my works Women's Group, and today we had a Diversity 'Market Place' where each network had a stall and colleagues were invited to come and talk to us.

The most senor person in our workplace (and a very senior person in the government) came straight to our stall and started asking me lots of questions about our group and what we are doing. He seemed really impressed and wants to get involved and even directly quoted me in a speech he gave to close the event, stating how we can make improvements.

This may seem like a small victory but I just feel very proud of myself and that maybe in some small way I have helped make a difference!

JacquettaWoodville Tue 27-Sep-16 22:40:31

Well done

Prawnofthepatriarchy Wed 28-Sep-16 12:25:12

Congratulations! You have every right to feel proud of yourself! star

OneFlewOverTheDodosNest Wed 28-Sep-16 14:42:30

Well done smile

ICJump Fri 30-Sep-16 03:16:49

That's fantastic. Well done

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