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SEAT & Cosmo have designed car especially for women

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NNChangeAgain Sun 18-Sep-16 00:13:11

I was hoping this was satire. Sadly, I don't think it is.

Is this really what society wants?

Where have we (that is, feminists) gone wrong? confused

PhoenixJasmine Sun 18-Sep-16 00:21:14

FFS. It has sparkly shit and and looks like it's wearing eyeliner???

How's about, the seats, steering column and mirrors could be more easily adjusted and sized for women. Seat belts better designed so they're not cutting into your breasts.

Sparkly shit puts me off it. FFS.

UmbongoUnchainedInAPearTreeeee Sun 18-Sep-16 00:24:28

What no tampon dispenser?


Oooohhh! It's easy to drive and easy to park! >Giggles helplessly< I'm so glad clever men made this for silly little me.

See? Now that's ^^ satire. grin

Oh, and, btw, I can drive and park just fine, you patronising fuckwits angry

elephantoverthehill Sun 18-Sep-16 00:34:04

I got all excited with the title of your thread. I thought the design might have taken on board some ergonomic features such as seat height, length of reach for the handbrake and a seat that adjusts more forward so my little short legs can actually reach the pedals. How disappointing, mirrors and sparkly shit.

7Days Sun 18-Sep-16 00:48:23

I for one LOVE lights that look like they are wearing eyeliner ffs those eyelash stickers are so last season. I don't know much about horsepower (fffnnnar) but maybe one of those sexy car guys could teach me? Don't worry I am only mid thirties and I still have my figure !!!!!

Yes, the mirrors! I forgot about them. So I can check my hair - what, when driving? Well, ain't that dangerous and illegal useful.

7days 1litre is pants. A decent motorbike is at least that.

ChocChocPorridge Sun 18-Sep-16 07:23:08

To be fair, there is one useful thing on that list - the bag hook.

Cars have had jacket hooks for ages, somewhere to clip bags (whether and, or from Sainsburies local on the way home) is actually useful...

Otherwise, yes, I'd like to see what the crash ratings are for a woman's height range, a re-designed steering wheel and pedals for smaller hands and feet, a modified adjustment range for the seat, and oh, biggie this - if I ever have a collision and the air bag goes off, I'm going to be in a state (I'm 5' tall - therefore closer to it than is advised) - I'd like some thought going into that - where the plastic cover is thrown when it explodes etc.

Couldn't care less about how sparkly the dashboard is (in fact, that sounds annoying driving into the sun.

I think that article actually had similar opinions - there was definitely a good dose of quote marks around the most ridiculous things

0phelia Sun 18-Sep-16 07:30:33

Haven't they put the steering wheel on the wrong side?

dudsville Sun 18-Sep-16 07:34:45

Wow. At least now I know what I should want in a car.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Sun 18-Sep-16 07:35:51

Ignoring all the patronising crap that comes with it, it's just horrendously ugly!

My car is built like a brick outhouse but it's not a 4x4. Yeah, it's not the nippiest car but I know that if someone hit me from the side or something, my car would probably just turn around, look at them and say "what?!?"! That is what I want from a car when I drive on country roads with my DD.

I most certainly don't need a mirror next to the fucking mirror to do my hair. AND I am an excellent parker!

Have to say, I thought it meant that the lights in the car made the driver look like they were wearing eyeliner. blush grin

tribpot Sun 18-Sep-16 07:36:38

I highly doubt Cosmo have been working with Seat on this for two years.

I suspect Seat built it and the market research suggested it was going to be a dud. So they thought: roll this turd in some glitter and get Cosmo to pretend it's been designed for women.

This is the car equivalent of the Bic for Her.

Narnian Sun 18-Sep-16 07:40:41

That's really fucking depressing.

SleepFreeZone Sun 18-Sep-16 07:41:51

Manufacturers have been building cars with women in mind for decades. I think I actually drive one! (Fiat 500L). Never seen a bloke in one, think they'd be too embarrassed.

It's not a new concept but it's not a very pretty car either so I'm not sure how well that will sell. I guess they are hoping the link with Cosmopolitan will give them an edge or something 🙅

mollie123 Sun 18-Sep-16 07:42:34

how patronising - do they not realise that not all women who drive are 20s and 30s - but as the article said 'at least it is not pink' hmm
agree with other posters - it should be about seats and head rests that accomodate shorties and seat belts that are more comfortable. glove boxes are useless and should be redesigned as a place to lock away your scruffy non-vuiton handbag/valuables, something done about car sills that deposit a layer of dirt/mud on your best trousers (although I would concede men probably have the same problem.
Not to mention the fact that sun visors should be more adjustable downwards (again for shorties)

SleepFreeZone Sun 18-Sep-16 07:44:30

tribpot 🙊

BleakBetty Sun 18-Sep-16 07:48:28

What a heap of shit.

There are bicolor alloy wheels with jewel effect, so you sparkle everywhere you go.

Totally nauseating. But, you know, that's what us women consider when buying a car. Sparkle and handbags. We couldn't possibly be concerned about its spec, reliability, mpg 'cause we're too dumb to understand.


BleakBetty Sun 18-Sep-16 07:49:35

It's also incredibly ugly and unappealing imo confused

Somanyshoes Sun 18-Sep-16 07:58:21

What an absolute load of tosh, the patronising twats. I'll stick with the new Porsche I've just bought myself, thanks all the same.

LassWiTheDelicateAir Sun 18-Sep-16 10:06:18

Manufacturers have been building cars with women in mind for decades. I think I actually drive one! (Fiat 500L). Never seen a bloke in one, think they'd be too embarrassed

I assumed it was going to be a copy of the Fiat 500 which is as cute as a button and which comes in all sorts of lovely colours ( including a very pretty dark pink, but loads of other non standard car colours)

Re men driving one my husband borrows mine frequently. When I got it he still had his gorgeous Alfa Romeo but still borrowed it as he liked driving it. I've seen plenty of other men driving them.

ladyvimes Sun 18-Sep-16 10:18:04

What a frigging ugly car!

Seriously, this is a joke right?

TiggyD Sun 18-Sep-16 10:25:20

Thing have got better since this car then.

Just realised it has the eyelashes that were shit a couple of years ago.

mssmithsona Sun 18-Sep-16 10:27:16

Oh thank goodness someone has let me know that cars are gender specific! I've been driving just any car like a total muppet. It's not even sparkly or anything.

Elledouble Sun 18-Sep-16 10:31:46

Oh, fuck off. I've got a small, easily parked 1l engines car. It's a Toyota Aygo and I've had it for 7 years.

I'm going to get a new car soon. It's going to be a 2l diesel estate and I can't bloody wait.

Also I'm 5'9" with 34" legs, I don't want a special little lady car wink

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