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Get schools to suggest prostitution as a career, says LibDem councillor

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WinchesterWoman Sat 17-Sep-16 19:15:22

I'm not going to link to the Daily Mail but google if you want. His name is Dennis Parsons. He compares people being coerced by their families into accountancy with women being coerced into prostitution.

Weak response from Tim Farron.

It seems every party hates women. Every single party.

TrojanWhore Sat 17-Sep-16 19:18:52

UKIP is the latest party to elect a female leader.

It's only the Lib Dems and Labour who have yet to do so, so perhaps it's just those two which 'hate women'. And have people like this twat who make it nice and clear.

Arfarfanarf Sat 17-Sep-16 19:26:34

good. grief.

Well, I think we can guess where he spends his friday nights hmm

WinchesterWoman Sat 17-Sep-16 19:48:12

Maria Miller is a Tory and made some especially foul comments about 'purported feminists' who believe that being a woman is an actual thing. And she was a minister at the time.

WinchesterWoman Sat 17-Sep-16 19:48:50

What kind of man thinks prostitution is a good career for a woman? They must be a very special kind of stupid.

EmpressKnowsWhereHerTowelIs Sat 17-Sep-16 19:51:25

The Green Party categorise women as "non-men" so I'd add them to the non-women-friendly list.

Arfarfanarf Sat 17-Sep-16 19:51:59

Well quite.

What kind of man thinks of a group of teenage children and thinks hmm, I reckon they could sell their bodies, let them aspire to fuck for fivers, that's cool.

WinchesterWoman Sat 17-Sep-16 19:52:34

Yes empress I've just read on another thread that they've just twitter blocked all feminists.

EmpressKnowsWhereHerTowelIs Sat 17-Sep-16 20:08:52

Despite objecting to the Science Museum pink / blue brains. They're coming across as rather hard of thinking.

70sDinnerPartyClassic Sat 17-Sep-16 20:16:18

Libdems had a motion at the party conference or whatever it's called a few years back to reduce age you can work as a prostitute / in porn to 16. Maybe it was the same person - or not - but clearly they have a certain contingent of men in the party who have a particular interest when it comes to "liberalising" things. I do not vote for them any more. Or the Greens.

stitchglitched Sat 17-Sep-16 20:17:53

Why does he keep referring to 'people' doing sex work his comments? We all know he means 'women.' Fool.

Fairyflaps Sat 17-Sep-16 20:40:48

Very disappointing. I'm from Cheltenham and know Dennis, and he'll have the full force of my opinions when I see him next. This 'liberal' attitude seems to be shared by some of the local male lib dem councillors. Not the women, I hasten to add.

WinchesterWoman Sat 17-Sep-16 20:43:15

Fairyflaps - that's amazing. Do pass on our 'regards' wink

MatildaOfTuscany Sat 17-Sep-16 21:14:24

"What kind of man thinks prostitution is a good career for a woman? They must be a very special kind of stupid."

Not stupid. Evil.

Xenophile Sat 17-Sep-16 21:22:39

Maybe suggest to Dennis that he offers himself as a role model to the 'people' he wishes to see in prostitution by prostituting himself for a few weeks.

None of that naice indoor work either, he can get himself down to the local red light district, the one he and people like him in national government forced women into through poverty.

When he's done that for a few weeks, then he can come back and tell women to do the same. Until then, he can fuck the fuck off.

MrsJoeyMaynard Sat 17-Sep-16 21:28:10

shock shock

How on earth could anyone seriously suggest that prostitution is comparable to a career in accountancy? Or that prostitution is somehow a career that teenagers might be told that they should want to aspire to?

And Farron won't slap him down because people should be allowed to say shocking things? WTF?

WinchesterWoman Sat 17-Sep-16 21:31:17

Matilda gosh darn it - that's the word I was looking for.

VestalVirgin Sat 17-Sep-16 21:55:18

What kind of man thinks prostitution is a good career for a woman? They must be a very special kind of stupid.

Hey, now, at least he is consistent. He likes to use prostituted women, so he thinks women should aspire to become prostitutes.

A man who uses prostituted women has to think that it is a great career for any little girl to aspire to. Or at least a respectable one. How could he otherwise justify his behaviour?

LassWiTheDelicateAir Sat 17-Sep-16 22:45:59

"Actually, if you believe in education - we're talking about careers - then what you really want is for people to be able to explore ideas, and that means sometimes saying things that are quite shocking, really

You know what would be a really shocking thing to say in relation to careers? Not everyone needs to go to university; there are many, many worthwhile and necessary jobs which don't get the credit or recognition they deserve.

Farron's response is pathetic.

powershowerforanhour Sun 18-Sep-16 01:21:29

Fairy, definitely put Xeno's suggestion to him.

EmpressKnowsWhereHerTowelIs Sun 18-Sep-16 20:40:54

Yes empress I've just read on another thread that they've just twitter blocked all feminists.

Feeling a bit unreasonably offended that they haven't blocked me yet!

AmeliaJack Sun 18-Sep-16 20:55:48

Firstly I'd quite like to see evidence that families are "coercing" their offspring into becoming accountants. hmm

Secondly, the reasons I don't want my children to become prostitutes are not even in the same neighbourhood as "because we think it's a little bit tacky and not very nice".

If the Liberal Drmicrats want to have a serious discussion about legislation in this area that's fine. I understand that some radical ideas might be proposed/debated.

Suggesting to 16 yos that this is a good life choice is hardly a constructive addition to the debate.

I used to be a regular Lib Dem voter. this kind of rubbish isn't going to lure me back.

Felascloak Sun 18-Sep-16 21:19:20

I usually vote lib dem. Who the fuck is left to vote for now? Gutted sad

WinchesterWoman Sun 18-Sep-16 22:21:12

I've decided I'm going with Theresa May for now
partly because woman
partly because she doesn't at the moment appear to have her head up her arse
partly because in a link on another thread I read that the new government gave the transactivists a disappointing response to Maria Miller's report and recommendations

Xenophile Sun 18-Sep-16 22:28:13

Anyway, what the fuck is wrong with wanting your child to become an accountant?

Decent job, reasonable salary, have good friends who are accountants and none of them have extra heads or anything like that... Now, if he were to mention lawyers... grin

and yes, this is a joke, DBro is a proper 'hotshot' lawyer and I rather like him

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