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Nottingham Police treat misogyny as a hate crime

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WinchesterWoman Mon 12-Sep-16 22:57:35

At last. It's a nascent scheme but seems to be going well, Notts CC was on LBC - he said women get vile abuse and it causes them to change their behaviour and that's unacceptable. They have already arrested people!

Presenter was a twat. 'Are police really going to waste their time arresting people for jokes about women drivers' he sneered.

But what good news. Apparently it's a trial that's being looked at with interest by other forces.

cexuwaleozbu Mon 12-Sep-16 23:02:59


Whuly does it have to be too complex to cope with?!? We're always saying on here "replace 'woman' with 'black guy's or 'Indian', then you have your answer" - why can't more people just have this in front of mind? Grrr. angry

morrythou Wed 14-Sep-16 19:16:12

Did they give examples of the type of thing that got the men arrested?

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