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Telegraph quotes only men in prostitution article

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sillage Mon 05-Sep-16 17:42:07

Zero women were quoted in this story about prostitution.

Suck it up ladies, Paris Lees speaks for you now and the Telegraph will actively hide the truth of his male history and current male status from you. Just like other media that quotes mostly men on topics that largely affect women like prostitution, abortion, and family violence.

Only now if you point out this intentional erasure of women, it's you who is being (trans)misogynistic.

VestalVirgin Mon 05-Sep-16 18:41:52

Yes, they managed to silence most feminists with this nonsense. As if "woman" is just a mask any man can put on.

WheelofPan Mon 05-Sep-16 19:43:48

Am right in assuming Paris Lees is a biological male?

Apart from anything else, Vaz seems to be differentiating between male and female sex workers i.e female = forced, male not forced. And of course no-one 'forced' the men into a Mirror 'sting'.

But it IS the Telegraph, so quelle surprise?

JillyTheDependableBoot Tue 06-Sep-16 04:57:00

Hold on. The article only quotes two people directly, one of whom is Vaz himself. The spokesperson from Nordic Model Now whose statement is indirectly quoted is presumably a woman. And while I don't have a huge amount of time for Paris Lees (!), her comments here are relevant I think.

I agree that the under-representation of women in the media is a massive problem, but I don't think this is a particularly troubling example.

Felascloak Tue 06-Sep-16 07:30:08

They also just picked up Paris Lees tweets rather than interviewing. Lazy journalism I think.

JillyTheDependableBoot Tue 06-Sep-16 08:29:05

Oh, it's definitely poor journalism.

sillage Tue 06-Sep-16 15:10:41

An 'indirect quote' from a press release presumably written by a woman is not a quote by a woman.

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