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Gabriel Union's article in LA Times

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PlectrumElectrum Sat 03-Sep-16 12:40:55


I'm reading up on this just now & the article & other articles linked, and wanted to post this up here to start of a discussion. I'm still wading through numerous articles on this so will post more once I'm done reading.

I was drawn to this by the article in the guardian.

This[[ ]] is one of the earlier interviews Nat Parker gave, before he learned of the subsequent suicide of the women who accused him & his friend/co-writer of the script of his film Birth of a Nation of rape.

This[[ ]] is an interview he gave after the news broke that his accuser had died after committing suicide in 2012.

This[[ ]] is an interview the woman's brother gave in response to the growing focus on this story.

This[[ ]] is an article which covers the civil suit against the university for failing to protect the female student after their arrest, when they were able to harass her etc. It also covers the fact the convicted man (friend/co-writer of the film) had his conviction set aside, and never faced retrial because the victim chose not to give evidence a 2nd time.

Here[[ ]] is an article about that conviction & the expulsion of Jean Celestin from the Uni.

This, this[[ ]] and this[[ ]] are all transcripts on the prosecution & defence closing arguments.

I'm no where near done reading through this so I'll come back later and add my own thoughts. My main reason for posting all of this is this part of the original article written by Gabriel Union - 'Regardless of what I think may have happened that night 17 years ago, after reading all 700 pages of the trial transcript, I still don’t actually know. Nor does anyone who was not in that room'

I'm trying to read more before I pass my own comment, seeing as Gabriel made her statement after reading the trial transcripts. But, my instinctive response to that part of her article, knowing she herself is a rape survivor, was to bristle. And as I don't want to post an ill judged, uninformed knee jerk reaction without knowing more, I thought I'd post here 1st & come back later once if read & digested this.

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