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A Mumsnet book of feminist wisdom

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erinaceus Sat 30-Jul-16 05:46:28

On this thread I made the comment that there is a book in all of this. By all of this, I meant the accumulated feminist wisdom on MN going back over the years. I have been turning this idea over in my mind for a while.

Some initial questions I have include:

1) Is this an idea that has any traction?
2) Has anyone on this board been involved in any of the mumsnet books?
3) Has anyone on this board written a book that went on to be published, other than self-published? I know a number of published authors IRL, but thought here might be a good place to start.

I have been reading FWR for a bit over six years and learned a great deal. I think particular topics to cover in a book could be:

- What is feminism
- - Am I a feminist? Are you?
- - Can I be a femininist and still [be a SAHM/WOHM/wear make-up/be in a heterosexual relationship/be a good enough mother/like baking/shave my legs...]. I seem to remember there being a thread on this which was one of my favourites.
- Intersectionality
- Feminism and parenting
- Feminism and the workplace
- Feminism and mental health
- Feminism and family relationships
- Feminism, the law, and human rights
- - Domestic Violence
- - FGM
- - Forced mariage
- Dealing with goady fuckers
- - IRL
- - Online

Mumsnet has published guides and books on a number of topics, from Family Recipies to Bedtime Stories.

This disadvantage of a book is that it freezes the information in time; another is that it might out posters, although I see no reason for people not to use the MN user names or another nom de plume. Advantages of a book include the air of authority that being published lends as well as, well, books are pleasant to read.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

One idea that came to mind is that if a book were to be assembled, the pdf of the book could then be made available online for free. This is the case for a number of academic texts in my field. I have no idea how the copyright works with the publisher on that. I am mostly thinking out loud at the moment.

Feel free to shoot me down...this is what my boss' boss calls "floating a thought balloon"...

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