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Feminist event in London tomorrow, Saturday, 16th July

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Prawnofthepatriarchy Fri 15-Jul-16 22:30:38

There's an event on in central London tomorrow, Thinking Differently: Feminists questioning gender politics. I'm going and am very excited. It's a brilliant programme with some speakers I can't wait to hear.

This is a big thing for me for various reasons. Firstly it's the first feminist event I've attended unless I count discussions in pubs. grin

Secondly I'm coming out of a long, long depression and buying the ticket, planning to go are signs that I'm really recovering.

And thirdly I'm a teeny bit apprehensive. I'm a second waver, and remember being chucked out of the feminists in my home town for being too girly and heterosexual to boot. Where I grew up you weren't a proper feminist unless you tried to look as much like Andrea Dworkin as possible. Now I'm a huge fan, but it's a political movement, not a dress code.

So here I am: Happy, excited and slightly nervous. Anyone else planning to be there?

LassWiTheDelicateAir Fri 15-Jul-16 22:46:34

No ! But enjoy your day. Your anticipation is palpable.

EmpressOfTheVaginaDentata Fri 15-Jul-16 22:51:22

Got my ticket grin. It should be good.

VestalVirgin Fri 15-Jul-16 23:01:09

I'm a second waver, and remember being chucked out of the feminists in my home town for being too girly and heterosexual to boot. Where I grew up you weren't a proper feminist unless you tried to look as much like Andrea Dworkin as possible. Now I'm a huge fan, but it's a political movement, not a dress code.

I wish it was like this in the feminist group where I live ... but in fact, I am the only woman who doesn't shave her legs here. confused

While I agree that it isn't a dress code, I think it must have been somewhat hilarious, all these feminists trying to look like Andrea Dworkin. grin
I don't think you have to worry about that kind of thing nowadays. The second wavers of back then should have grown up some, and the third wave ... well. They will accept your choices, because choices are feminist.

Have fun!

Prawnofthepatriarchy Fri 15-Jul-16 23:21:25

Thanks for the good wishes. I'm travelling hopefully. Empress I wish I had a carnation so you could spot me but I don't even have a buttonhole.

I'm so excited.. And I just can't hide it. My legs are unshaved but my nails are metallic turquoise.

EmpressOfTheVaginaDentata Sat 16-Jul-16 06:01:40

PM'd you, Prawn.

Felascloak Sat 16-Jul-16 08:52:41

Have fun! It sounds great

Xenophile Sat 16-Jul-16 09:32:00

I know quite a few women who are going and they are all brilliant and couldn't give a fig what you look like.

Have a brilliant day, wish I could have been there, but it's a hell of a hike and I'm working tomorrow.

FuzzyEyes Sat 16-Jul-16 11:44:22

Have an amazing day!

TeiTetua Sat 16-Jul-16 13:49:57

Hairy legs? Nah, that won't identify you, not in that crowd...

BeyondBeyondBeyondBeyondBeyond Sat 16-Jul-16 16:25:11

I'm so jealous! Wish I could be there, but will have to make do with retweeting as much as possible grin

wantingresults Sat 16-Jul-16 19:52:28

Really looking forward to hearing about this! I want as many details as possible (or links to stuff on it) if anyone has the time to post more?

Prawnofthepatriarchy Sun 17-Jul-16 13:38:18

It was totally fucking amazing! Am on my phone but will be on desktop later and try to give some sort of report back. I'm buzzing! smile

wantingresults Sun 17-Jul-16 14:17:14

That's fantastic prawn - looking forward to hearing all about it!

thecraftyfox Sun 17-Jul-16 18:25:02

Would love to readyour report. I couldn't make it due to finances and childcare but wish I had been able to go.

AskBasil Sun 17-Jul-16 19:43:22

I think it's the best feminist event I've ever been to...

Lifejustbounces Sun 17-Jul-16 19:43:33

Yes please report back Prawn I really wanted to go to this but was away. Really sad to have missed it.

AlistairSim Sun 17-Jul-16 19:49:40

I am jealous!
Couldn't go because pesky children had commitments hmm

Glad you had a fab time.

OlennasWimple Mon 18-Jul-16 03:34:20

Tell all! What made it so good?

EmpressOfTheVaginaDentata Mon 18-Jul-16 05:59:31

I've copied & pasted from the programme. There's going to be a video so I'll post that link when I get it.

The sheer energy in the room was amazing. Parts were hard to listen to - especially Stephanie Davies-Arai on the growing number of adolescent girls wanting to transition and the complete lack of media concern about why, and Mary Lou Singleton on the lack of reproductive rights in parts of the US.

Julie Bindel & Sheila Jeffreys were inspirational & Magdalen Berns had the whole room shouting THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A LESBIAN WITH A PENIS!


Sheila Jeffreys, professorial fellow, University of Melbourne; author of 'Gender Hurts: a feminist analysis of the politics of transgenderism'
Lierre Keith, writer, radical feminist, food activist, environmentalist
Julie Bindel, journalist, author, broadcaster, campaigner
Stephanie Davies Arai, activist, writer, founder of 'Transgender Trend'
Mary Lou Singleton, radical feminist mother, midwife, nurse-practitioner, activist
Jackie Mearns, radical lesbian feminist activist, blogger
Julia Long, lecturer in Sociology, Anglia Ruskin University
Magdalen Berns, student, feminist activist, vlogger
10.15 Historicising Transgenderism: Sheila Jeffreys

11.30 What is gender? Lierre Keith

12.10 The 'transgendering' of children: Stephanie Davies-Arai

13.40 Panel session: Transgenderism and the Impact on Women - Jackie Mearns, Julia Long, Sheila Jeffreys

15.10 Panel session: Transgenderism & the silencing of feminism - Mary Lou Singleton, Julie Bindel, Magdalen Berns

wantingresults Mon 18-Jul-16 13:48:13

Thanks Empress. That sounds amazing! Anyone have any idea how this event got to go ahead when previous events have had to be shut down due to threats etc? An were there any transactivists there to bully people?

EmpressOfTheVaginaDentata Mon 18-Jul-16 15:11:33

The Conway Hall seem to be great for this stuff - they also hosted Rebecca Reilly Cooper on sex & gender and Germaine Greer.

No protests as far as I know, though I was expecting some!

wantingresults Mon 18-Jul-16 15:47:38

That's promising! I wonder why they didn't try to stop this one. Is it a positive thing in that women are being allowed to have these conversations or do they see that women aren't being taken seriously when they say these things and so silencing them is not such a high priority?.

AskBasil Tue 19-Jul-16 22:47:50

It's interesting tht Conway Hall backed down last time but this time either had no threats, or decided to ignore them

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