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Amber Heard - decent articles

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PippaFawcett Mon 30-May-16 21:14:54

Not a TAAT, just a general 'I'm fucking sick of the misogynistic bile on the internet and the default position that Heard must be lying' thread. Does anyone have a link to a decent, balanced analytical article that doesn't accuse her of making it up like she-devils do because she was caught smiling after the incident was said to have happened?

I can't bear to wade through the threads on here about it because I am sick of reading all the things people say.

PalmerViolet Tue 31-May-16 07:46:52

I haven't, but Feminist Current might have written a piece?

0phelia Tue 31-May-16 08:49:34

It's shocking isn't it!
I heared the story break and my immediate thought was "Oh no poor Amber, I wonder if Vanessa Paradis kept silent on the issue."
and then
Oh I remember the Kate Moss hotel incident and he does come across quite... intense.

Of course it's bloody true! I don't know who these people are on Mumsnet posting such crap.

Sorry, no links I know of but wholeheartedly agree with you! Even the BBC use the word "alledgedly" in almost every paragraph or "She claimed".

NMSA Tue 31-May-16 08:59:35

I'm sure Amber isn't worried whether complete strangers believe her. I just hope her nearest and dearest do.

I was punched by a close relative who has lied through their teeth since about it. I had bruises to my face. I'm not convinced my family 100% believe me and it is angering, frustrating and hurtful.

Must be infinitely worse if a media golden boy is the perpetrator.

ThatStewie Tue 31-May-16 09:04:37

I've mostly seen misogynistic, hateful shite.

I disagree about strangers believing her though. The MN I believe you campaign was so powerful because we were strangers. I think we underestimate how much one kind word changes things for women.

happyanddappy Tue 31-May-16 09:29:50


Snowshimmer Tue 31-May-16 09:54:43

The victim blaming is depressing, some people believe that Depp has been abusive but still blame Heard.
A thread here got deleted as it was full of stuff like why didn't she duck or that it was her fault that Depp looks older and uglier now. shock

PippaFawcett Tue 31-May-16 10:56:16

Ophelia, the BBC does have to use that language because it is an allegation. It is more the shit on Twitter/Facebook and here where people who have no fucking idea claim they know what the truth is based on a couple of photos in the Daily Mail.

Happy, I am going to read that now, thanks.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThatStewie Tue 31-May-16 11:10:10

This by Sali Hughes for The Pool is quite good.

PippaFawcett Tue 31-May-16 11:40:59

ThatStewie, this is the best thing I have read about it so far. And I want to share it on social media but I don't know if I have the energy to deal with the comments - which is utterly depressing but I feel worn down recently by the misogyny all around and the constant fucking battle against it. Even by women I consider to be intelligent people.

VestalVirgin Tue 31-May-16 11:45:38

I used to like Johnny Depp. confused

Of course I believe her - it's not as if I really know the guy just because I've seen him in movies.

PippaFawcett Tue 31-May-16 11:53:22

Vestal - which is a logical response. Unlike some of the shit I have seen which call her a 'known slut!'

What does that even mean? A woman who is known to have had, and quite possibly enjoyed, sex? I despair sometimes, I really do.

PalmerViolet Tue 31-May-16 12:02:59

She's had and probably enjoyed sex with men AND women, totally a known slut then, for actual fuck's sake.


Even if she had slept with the entire population of the South of France, why does that have any bearing on whether or not we believe that the photos of the bruising are real or not? It's just yet another example of women who behave outwith ways that society deems appropriate being perceived as deserving of punishment.

VestalVirgin Tue 31-May-16 12:44:47

Pippa, I sometimes think it must be some emergency shutdown of the brain. Like, they cannot live with the fact that so many men (even this famous actor!) are abusive, because if they accepted that as fact, they'd not want to live on this planet anymore ... so they must tell themselves she must be lying or it must be her fault in some way.
Because the truth is just too horrible.

Lottapianos Tue 31-May-16 12:52:24

'Pippa, I sometimes think it must be some emergency shutdown of the brain. Like, they cannot live with the fact that so many men (even this famous actor!) are abusive'

You may well be right VestalVirgin. Some people do tie themselves in increasingly ridiculous knots trying to blame abuse and rape on the female victim rather than the male perpetrator. They're clearly very invested in maintaining the idea that all women are slutty troublemaking gold diggers who bring it all on themselves. It feels like there is no end to the victim blaming.

I liked that Sali Hughes article too

Want2bSupermum Tue 31-May-16 13:04:09

I read about in the daily mail and was left puzzled that a newspaper could be allowed to publish such biased stories. There is a mark on her face. Let the police investigate. The timing of serving papers makes total sense. I don't agree with her lifestyle but that is none of my business and does not ever excuse hitting someone. I'm happy I came on here and found a place of reason and sanity.

Also he agreed to marry with no prenup. If he needs to pay her then he only has himself to blame.

PippaFawcett Tue 31-May-16 13:39:04

Some people do tie themselves in increasingly ridiculous knots trying to blame abuse and rape on the female victim rather than the male perpetrator

This ^. I am going to pinch that sentence, thanks!

ThatStewie Tue 31-May-16 14:03:30

Apparently, this story was leaked from someone at the hearing for the restraininf order sad

Snowshimmer Wed 01-Jun-16 09:34:19

PippaFawcett Wed 01-Jun-16 11:49:11

Thanks Snow, that is an excellent piece too. I just wish it was the dominant narrative.

thecraftyfox Wed 01-Jun-16 14:08:36

This is an interesting read. It features Amber Heard's submission to the court and also references the times Depp smashed up hotel rooms in the past. Definitely the actions of a soft gentle man hmm

emilybohemia Wed 01-Jun-16 14:09:47

Sali's article was good. She had some awful stick for it on twitter, someone calling it 'propaganda.'

Lottapianos Wed 01-Jun-16 14:13:57

I think like any woman who sticks her head above the parapet on Twitter, Sali is probably used to getting plenty of 'stick'. Not that its not tiresome, frustrating and hurtful, I imagine

Dervel Wed 01-Jun-16 16:54:33

I don't begrudge anyone reluctant to pillory him in the media until any actual guilt is established, but that sentiment has to be extended to all parties. She isn't by default lying either, and so is entitled to the same respect.

That said I doubt she threw an iPhone at her own face...

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