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Women in waste management...

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FluffyPersian Tue 03-May-16 16:02:07

I know I.T. can be bad - A few years ago there was an Expo in London where women were dressed up as Bees and in skin tight lycra - I complained along with loads of others and it actually got stopped....

Someone close to me emailed me this today with the tag line 'Nice to see sexism is still alive and well' (They work in Waste Management)

^Dear Exhibitor,

I hope your looking forward to The Facilities Show, London Excel 2016

It looks to be a great event,

Do you need any help with your stand this year?

My company, Event Hosts, is a premium staffing agency, supplying promotional staff, stand hostesses, hospitality and sales staff to companies that exhibit at events.

Our fantastic staff can help you with sales, data capture, leafleting, or taking over the stand while you have a well-deserved break and rest your feet!

Highly Professional and quick to learn, they’d be happy to help you out on what will be one of the busiest days of your year, I’m sure.

To find out more about our event staff and how we can help you, please reply to this email or visit our website

Please see attached profiles of some of our staff, so you can get a feel for the quality we offer

I look forward to hearing from you!^

There were also a lot of .pdf attachements - each one a different woman..... I've done a lovely screenshot for you to see....

Obviously 'fantastic staff' need to be vetted by their attractiveness and of course, what they look like with few clothes on.... hmm.

It's such a shame this still exists - I've suggested to the person who got this email that they complain, however even if they do - I doubt anything would change. Maybe emailing the actual venue would do something?

CMOTDibbler Tue 03-May-16 16:05:48

Appalling, and I thought at most professional conferences 'booth totty' as it used to be known had gone. I'll ask my (female) waste manager friend if she's seen this at the meetings she goes to

Honeybadger01 Tue 03-May-16 16:23:58

Female waste manager here, never seen anything like this. The only women in waste panel I have seen included women in high positions such as Estelle Brachlianoff, chief exec of Veolia talking about their experiences and encouraging other women.

Although it does occur to me that I once received a promo copy of a publication called skip hire magazine, which included a skip hunk and skip chick of the month. And still do by the look of it! Http://

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