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is there a way to complain about this?

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lorelei9here Mon 25-Apr-16 13:35:24

sex offender has curfew altered so he can go to Glastonbury

ApocalypseSlough Mon 25-Apr-16 13:43:52

I'm usually this first to say, there must be more to it etc. but WTAF?
Contact the organisers directly- they won't want him surely.

VestalVirgin Mon 25-Apr-16 13:58:58

He probably won't be the only rapist there ...

But that judge. WTF? This isn't an unruly schoolboy who didn't do his homework, or whatever. Rape is a serious crime, and curfew is not really a hard enough punishment as it is, and now any real impact it could have had on the asshole's life is removed as well.

That judge ought to go to prison himself, for hatecrime against women.

TheSunnySide Mon 25-Apr-16 18:16:06

Yes there is a way to complain

If anyone wanted to they could complain about the 12-month jail term suspended for two years which was handed out at Swindon Crown Court for sexual assault then they can do so by contacting with all these details. It might be worth mentioning that this person can get a refund from the festival so long as he applies before midnight May 6th 2016.

I have complained - perhaps if other people do it will have more impact.

lorelei9here Mon 25-Apr-16 18:36:39

Thanks Sunny.

ApocalypseSlough Mon 25-Apr-16 20:44:05

Another shocker from Swindon here:
Spared jail for having sex with 12y old
Not the same judge so there are at least two!

VestalVirgin Mon 25-Apr-16 20:46:26

That headline makes it seem like he got out of jail because he had sex with raped a 12 year old.

TheSunnySide Mon 25-Apr-16 21:07:44

Urgh. Will complain about that second case in the morning. Ffs they say that the court accepted it was consensual. And he is immature so not to blame. Christ.

LassWiTheDelicateAir Mon 25-Apr-16 21:16:50

Very odd decisions. On the other hand there is this judge. He is worth googling.

Bradford judge spares girl jail for stabbing abuser -

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