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Kids cartoon recommendation

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GreenTomatoJam Thu 21-Apr-16 10:33:09

DS1 was browsing Netflix and found something called 'The Magic Schoolbus' which he is loving - it's a 1990s American Educational cartoon which shows just how much we've changed - the cartoon has a full mix of girls, boys, and races - they all participate fully, they all have their own personalities, all wear all colours and have various interests - there's even a lizard/dinosaur called Liz who doesn't have a ribbon in her hair or massive eyelashes, and it's genuinely fun to watch and educational (in a science way, not in the modern "it's a pattern!" modern, barely educational way, and so refreshing to see kids being kids in a cartoon

Netflix only has a few episodes, but hopefully they'll add more

slightlyglitterbrained Thu 21-Apr-16 21:08:42

Thanks for the heads-up - sounds interesting.

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