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Maria Toorpakai

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OmaC Sun 03-Apr-16 14:25:24

As a girl in Pakistan she envied her brothers who were allowed to play out and be educated so she posed as a boy until the age of 14. Her father supported her and educated her at home channeling her into sport as an outlet fro her aggresssion. She was a top weightlifter and now a creditable squash player. Check out the interview on Good morning Sunday on radio 2.
Women still face discrimintaion in many countries

StealthPolarBear Sun 03-Apr-16 14:31:47

What happened to her at 14 when presumably she could no longer maintain the pretence

ChipperCharlie Sat 09-Apr-16 00:40:09

Fantastic Father.
Good on them all for not bowing down to their social. 'Norms'.

Peyia Thu 14-Apr-16 20:17:44

Very inspiring indeed. What a loving father to allow his child to just be.

I was also untrigued Stealh so curtesy of wiki....

After being required to produce a birth certificate to play squash at age 16, the truth about Toorpakay's gender came out and she was subject to harassment and bullying from other players. Additionally, as a professional female sportsperson who played without a veil and in shorts, Toorpakay and her family were threatened as her actions were perceived as "un-Islamic." The Pakistani national squash federation provided security for her home and training venue, however Toorpakay decided it was a safer option to seek an opportunity to train internationally. For three years she wrote to clubs, players, and schools and received no response, until Jonathon Power replied.

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