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Writing a script

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coltonmerwin97 Fri 01-Apr-16 19:08:46

I am currently writing a script and like most of my stories they all include a female lead, but I'm beginning to think this most recent one has started to lean toward the man and I want to switch it back. The story is a bit explicit and gruesome, but here's a synopsis:

A girl and boy kill their parents and are sent to a youth correctional facility, they meet and fall in love. They finally get out and are sent to separate foster homes, they run away and finally get back together. They live their adult lives and kill people (I know it sounds violent, but it's a movie). They decide their lives have become dry and they go on a road trip. (Here's where it gets tricky) The woman finds out she is pregnant, he is happy, (But then the focus goes to him) but he starts to think their path in life is going to hurt the child, and eventually he turns himself in and is the 'hero' in terms of saving the child.

I know it may seem simple to switch, but I also don't want the woman to leave her child (not because a child needs a female), but being raised by a single mother was beneficial to me. If anyone had any suggestions I would appreciate the help.

coltonmerwin97 Fri 01-Apr-16 19:13:31

Also, I feel if it switches to the man he will seem like the bad guy and I'm all about that equality, but that could be the story as a whole that needs to be changed.

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