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This could be a textbook example of victim shaming

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Budgetbust Tue 29-Mar-16 09:59:38

Anyone else read this:

Synopsis; Upscale school in Los Angeles; numerous complaints against a teacher, nothing done until one of the students went to the police, he's since been arrested; convicted and jailed.

One of the ex-students is now suing the school. Not because of the abuse but because when it was reported to them they lied claiming no-one else had made similar complaints, and they took no other action leaving him in post and able to abuse more girls.

The school have said 'The woman was “negligent and careless and said negligence and carelessness contributed to and proximately caused the injuries and damages” she is claiming, the filing states. Also, by not reporting her abuse to the school or police until 2014, she “consciously exposed other girls to the risk of abuse at Koetters’ hands.”

So she reported it and nothing was done; but it's her fault as a groomed 16 year old that other girls were groomed and assaulted. . . .

I realise that this is an American case and in the main MN is a British website but this is such flagrant victim blaming it was hard not to (swear) comment. . . . .

0phelia Tue 29-Mar-16 15:31:29

The teacher is in jail now, and the head teacher was forced to resign. Justice has been done despite the legal defense of victim-blaming.

How anyone with two brain cells could go on to say the victim is responsible for expoding further children to abuse is pure insanity!

But there's the privatised Californian Schooling and legal system for you

PalmerViolet Tue 29-Mar-16 20:20:33

How anyone with two brain cells could go on to say the victim is responsible for expoding further children to abuse is pure insanity!

Not too long ago on MN there was a thread where a woman had been attacked by a man who was known to her friend and who had committed some level of sexual offences toward the friend. The woman was asking for advice reference reporting the crime that had taken place to the police.

Almost every single poster on that thread stated clearly that the woman had a duty to report what had happened because if she didn't, she would bear some responsibility to any woman the man subsequently attacked.

So, a few hundred posters, a lot of them respected regular posters do in fact think that a victim of a crime is responsible for exposing further victims to sexual attackers.

There is also the seemingly prevalent belief that, if you don't report immediately, then it probably only happened in your head.

It seems that society deems women in the wrong no matter what they do when it comes to reporting crimes involving abuse or rape.

BigChocFrenzy Wed 30-Mar-16 01:30:21

An abuser is 100% responsible for his crimes.
His victims bear no responsibility whatsoever for what happened to them, or what may happen to others.
We need to post whenever there is victim-blaming, to say just STOP.

WomanWithAltitude Thu 31-Mar-16 00:00:43

Horrific. Thank fuck the court did not agree that she was 'responsible'.

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