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Who is the main driver in your relationship? You or DP?

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KP86 Sun 27-Mar-16 09:00:06

Just curious, if you and DP/DH are both in the car at the same time, who drives?

For us it's DH 99% of the time as he 'can't relax' when I'm driving, and to the honest, it's just easier for me to leave him to it and then I get a chance to relax/day dream/look at phone myself. When I do drive he is constantly on edge and comments, grrrr! He clearly thinks he is a much better driver.

With my parents, it's the same. Dad always drives. Even if they are in Mum's car.

scribblegirl Sun 27-Mar-16 09:01:48

We usually do a 'if you drive there, I'll drive back' arrangement though I try to avoid that if there's booze taken

CMOTDibbler Sun 27-Mar-16 09:01:53

Pretty equal for us - we both like to drive

IAmAPaleontologist Sun 27-Mar-16 09:02:34

Dh. I'm not particularly keen on driving so he does it mostly. My mum does all the driving with her and dad though but they used to share it evenly.

Cric Sun 27-Mar-16 09:02:52

We Prob drive 50/50. If one drives there the other home. Unless it is my car.... He hates driving my car haha!

TashaYar Sun 27-Mar-16 09:03:02

Generally I drive to places and he drives back. I also use the car more generally day to day for convenience. It may be partly because I learned to drive some years before he did (neither of us could drive when we got together), so it feels 'normal'.

PurplePotatoes Sun 27-Mar-16 09:03:03

DH drives 99% of the time. Only because I don't really enjoy driving and he does.

PennyHasNoSurname Sun 27-Mar-16 09:04:27

Me as dh cant drive.

Fugghetaboutit Sun 27-Mar-16 09:05:49

Me. It's my car so I drive it. On the very odd occasion he will but he's a shit driver so I can't relax when he does.

WrenNatsworthy Sun 27-Mar-16 09:06:58

50/50. I love driving.

Lighteningirll Sun 27-Mar-16 09:07:34

Snap my dh turns into a total knob if I want to have to drive he can't relax constantly tells me to change gear/adjust lane position/watch out for the flying fucking saucer. I wouldn't mind but every dent scratch burst tyre petrol in diesel car incident has been him! If I am designated driver I take a flask of whiskey and tell him to have a sip every time he even thinks about opening his mouth. Luckily for our otherwise perfect marriage I don't like driving and now have a bad shoulder so he does 99% of it. Knob I say utter twunty knob.

turkeyboots Sun 27-Mar-16 09:07:54

DH mostly drives as I am the navigator. DH would get lost in a car park otherwise

Lighteningirll Sun 27-Mar-16 09:08:53

Oh dear I sound like a maniac after all the other responses maybe it annoys me more than I realised [embarrassed]

TurnOffTheTv Sun 27-Mar-16 09:10:44

Him. I'm in and out of the bloody car during the week doing school runs/errands etc and I'm just glad there is someone else to do it at the weekend!

trilbydoll Sun 27-Mar-16 09:12:37

DH drives long distances because I can't drive more than 2 hours without needing a break.

I drive abroad and in cities because I'm a terrible navigator and he gets really flustered and cross if he doesn't know where to go.

Ohfuckaducky Sun 27-Mar-16 09:12:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tabulahrasa Sun 27-Mar-16 09:14:07

Me, it's my car...he only drives it with me in it if there's a reason, like alcohol.

spiggidydodah Sun 27-Mar-16 09:14:08

Dh can't drive so I do all the driving. Hard work when it is a long journey and we can't share it but on the plus side when we arrive home he deals with children/cooks dinner while I sit down with a beer!

pinkmagic1 Sun 27-Mar-16 09:18:45

50/50, we both like driving. I would do all of it if I had my way as much prefer to be the driver than be driven.

Ohfuckaducky Sun 27-Mar-16 09:21:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EnormousDormouse Sun 27-Mar-16 09:22:33

Me. I love driving and am much better than DP (I have better eyesight and spatial awareness). I also drive overseas a lot so do all driving on road trips/holidays as I'm used to driving and navigating new places.

LifeIsGoodish Sun 27-Mar-16 09:23:04

Him. But he doesn't criticise when I do, if, say, I'm designated driver because he had a drink, or imdropping him off/picking him up somewhere.

Not bothered. Because I drive lots when he's not around, I like the opportunity to enjoy the view. Also I dislike long, boring motorway driving.

SanityClause Sun 27-Mar-16 09:23:31

It used to be DH, but now I would say that for shorter journeys it's more likely to be me, and for longer journeys, about 50:50. Maybe 60:40, in his favour.

In any case, overall probably pretty much even.

JapanNextYear Sun 27-Mar-16 09:24:14

He usually drives as he

Thinks he's better at it
Usually take his car as more presentable and in better shape than mine
He's better at driving in strange places when we are both in the car, I'm better when on my own and not being stressed out by him
It's less stressful as he's a huge control freak

I'm a perfectly competent driver and have driven all over the uk and foreign parts. He's better at driving on the right though.

It kind of works.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Sun 27-Mar-16 09:27:28

probably dh does most, but not by much, it depends which car we take and where we are going. Dh is a terrible navigator, so I am usually in charge of that if we are off on an adventure.

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