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Letter to head teacher

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sashh Wed 23-Mar-16 06:43:46

So yesterday a year 11 student wanted to write a letter to the head about school rules and uniform requirements.

I think I channeled a little bit of all of you in helping her. She knew things were/are wrong but couldn't articulate it so thank you feminism board for giving me the language to express why a rule is wrong. I may disclose contents of letter at a later date but not now.

But part of me is a bit down. The young woman in question was scared about being sanctioned for raising the issues and to be honest I was too about helping her.

I am leaving this school at Easter so I know they can't sack me (well they can but you know what I mean) but as a supply teacher I do not want to be seen as a trouble maker because I need to work.

The head is actually quite approachable and when I had a meting about a couple of other things I told him the school is sexist and he did listen and said he would have a look at the things I was highlighting (after he got over being insulted and thinking I was accusing him of being sexist).

Anyone help me reason why I feel this way?

EElisavetaOfBelsornia Wed 23-Mar-16 06:50:01

You were fearful of the consequences for you of doing the right thing, but did it anyway. Twice! That's pretty amazing.

slugseatlettuce Wed 23-Mar-16 06:56:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MidnightHag Wed 23-Mar-16 06:57:41

Are you able to tell us what the issues raised are?

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