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great post in reclaiming "woman"

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PosieReturningParker Tue 08-Mar-16 19:19:18

GreenTomatoJam Tue 08-Mar-16 20:23:29

My International Woman's day has been pretty quiet actually - much quieter than last year online - but, I've seen, I think, 3 articles, on major sites, all using trans women to talk about international women's day, and all about trans, not women.

I'm a woman. I know I am a woman because uterus/periods/kids - not that women who have had hysterectomies aren't women, and not that I wasn't female when a girl, and I will still be a woman post menopause, and childless women are also women. AND IT'S RIDICULOUS I HAVE TO SAY THAT.

International Women's day for women. For Uterus bearers, assumed uterus bearers, and once were uterus bearers.

femfortheday Tue 08-Mar-16 20:53:41

Interesting article.
I wonder if we will see a petition to have Claire in a women's prison. There has been a conspicuous lack of noise about Davina Ayrton.

grimbletart Tue 08-Mar-16 21:30:28

This new idea needn’t bother men; they are the default sex anyway, why should they care? For women though, it matters: no other subordinate group has ever before been obliged to redefine themselves in order to let in members of the dominant group and allow them, once there, to start setting terms.

This: a thousand times over.

SomeDyke Tue 08-Mar-16 21:38:09

Excellent link, many thanks Posie! flowers

Bryt Tue 08-Mar-16 22:15:06

Thanks for posting this. I've bookmarked for future sharing for friends who don't yet get it.

poorbuthappy Tue 08-Mar-16 22:16:54

I too have saved order future reference.

WeMustSurelyBeLearning Wed 09-Mar-16 01:52:42

Excellent article thank you.

The difference in the reporting of the case mentioned in the quote below and the "Claire" Derbyshire trial never occurred to me. It's a clear double standard and either way women are targeted angry

"Contrast that with the reports of another pre-operative transgender who ‘used a fake penis when having sex with a single mother she met online.’ She is also described as a woman, called Fiona, and in this case a woman who practised ‘deceit.’ So where was the outrage from the transgender community that a trans man was being prosecuted as a woman, where were the cries of ‘A trans man is a man!’ or protests to the media about misgendering? Not a peep. "

MaryRobinson Thu 10-Mar-16 06:05:14


My first thought was, She is going to have such a complete shitstorm to face now. She will probably lose her job. sadangryshock

RidersOnTheStorm Thu 10-Mar-16 06:17:56

Brilliant article. Thanks for posting.

ScoutsMam Thu 10-Mar-16 12:24:43

She is going to have such a complete shitstorm to face now. She will probably lose her job.

Sadly this was my thought when This Morning decided to try and start a Twitter debate today.

VertigoNun Thu 10-Mar-16 12:43:30

I see Claire got a minimum of 4 years in prison.

Paddletonio Fri 11-Mar-16 23:56:04

I thought this was a brilliant article.

Brave of her to stand up and say the truth in the current climate - but yes she probably will get backlash and threats etc as per

Tempted to email her and say bloody well done for writing it

PalmerViolet Sat 12-Mar-16 00:05:16

Davies-Arai is used to the shit storm, she's been writing the truth for a good while now, and she does it brilliantly.

Thanks for posting.

7Days Sat 12-Mar-16 00:49:56

Brave. Fair play to her for that article. This whole shizzle is unsustainable. More and more people are waking up, the more extreme it gets.
The important thing, after, is to figure out how exactly such a small group got so influential. Ordinary people thinking oh lets be kind in a vague sort of way, is different to policymakers who shoukd drill down into issues.

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