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The "daughter" who murdered her father who had MS

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AskBasil Fri 26-Feb-16 17:59:11

Is actually his son.

fancy sharing a cell with this bloke?

This is really serious, violent crime figures are going to be totally distorted as more and more men claim they are women and statisticians meekly record them as such.

SummerHouse Fri 26-Feb-16 18:04:17

No it is his daughter who has lived as a woman for many years and changed her name in 2008. Is this a joke post?

BeyondBootcampsAgain Fri 26-Feb-16 18:09:49

Nope, son

WilLiAmHerschel Fri 26-Feb-16 18:09:49

I don't think it is a laughing matter that crimes committed by men will be recorded as having been committed by a woman.

grimbletart Fri 26-Feb-16 18:17:29

AskBasil is right.

Talk about the emperor having no clothes. Man decides he is a woman. Everyone says OK and shrugs. Let's put her in a women's jail and record her crime as being committed by a woman. Oh and then wait for the misogynists to say female violent crime is climbing…

Isn't it a bit early for 1 April? It would be laughable if it was not so bizarre and surreal.

abbsismyhero Fri 26-Feb-16 18:18:44

lived as a woman but not transgender? so a transvestite? not a woman/becoming a woman just dressed as one?

there is a difference according to google

CultureSucksDownWords Fri 26-Feb-16 18:20:11

Sorry, but when I read this story earlier today I assumed it was his son. The picture is of a man, is it not a recent picture?

Is this individual really going to be housed in the women's prison estate? Do they have a gender identity certificate (is that the correct term)? Is this crime going to be recorded as a female perpetrator?

slugseatlettuce Fri 26-Feb-16 18:23:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PalmerViolet Fri 26-Feb-16 18:29:18

This is really serious, violent crime figures are going to be totally distorted as more and more men claim they are women and statisticians meekly record them as such.


That is a picture of a man. Unless it was taken before 2008 and that person has radically changed then, they are still, in any way that matters, male.

The Overton Window shifts and shifts and women will no doubt have little say in who they are forced to share a cell with.

BeyondBootcampsAgain Fri 26-Feb-16 18:32:54

Now now, lots of women have five o clock shadows that could rival that...
Oh no, wait, they don't.

Akire Fri 26-Feb-16 18:34:29

There must be enough cases now so trans gender get own cell or share with another trans gender person.

You can't argue about sharing a cell with a male body in a women's prison of you have a male body yourself. Though be interesting to hear their arguments about how this woulnt make them feel safe yet same time expecting other women to feel safe with them.

PalmerViolet Fri 26-Feb-16 18:35:04

Given that MTT are as violent as their male counterparts, then, I'd have to agree with you Akire.

AskBasil Fri 26-Feb-16 18:40:52

How has he lived as a woman, SummerHouse?

How is that achieved?

AskBasil Fri 26-Feb-16 18:47:00

Murdering your father isn't living life as a woman is it.

Violent crime like murder, is more typical of living as a man, than as a woman.

At the moment.


zozzij Fri 26-Feb-16 19:13:27

Claire Darbyshire, who was born male but has lived her life as a female

What does this mean? What does "lived as a female" mean? How does "a female" live? Which female?


IShouldBeSoLurky Fri 26-Feb-16 19:23:42

To be fair, being trapped living as an unpaid career for an elderly relative isn't the worst definition of "living as a female" I've seen.

AnyFucker Fri 26-Feb-16 19:26:18

I was only half watching the new

LaurieFairyCake Fri 26-Feb-16 19:27:25

That is the darkest sentence ever Ishoukdbesolucky grin

AnyFucker Fri 26-Feb-16 19:28:35


Watching the news and caught the photograph

I took a double take, that is for sure. I thought my Friday evening wind down glass of vino had been spiked or summat

Why no reference to the fact the pic was clearly of a bloke ?

Mide7 Fri 26-Feb-16 19:29:37

what's the concern with the way crime committed by trans people is classified and reported?

AnyFucker Fri 26-Feb-16 19:29:49

I am certain it was no bundle of laughs... but murder ?

IShouldBeSoLurky Fri 26-Feb-16 19:33:48

Mide, the concern is that currently, when women say, "We need to address the issue of male violence," we get a thousand words about how women commit violent crimes to, to which we can respond by saying that they do, but in far smaller numbers, now please can we get back to that issue of male violence we were trying to address. Lump TW's crime figures in with women's and the distinction becomes much less clear.

AnyFucker Fri 26-Feb-16 19:38:42

That would be because they are blokes

Mide7 Fri 26-Feb-16 19:39:48

Cool I understand that ishould but is it going to skew the figures that much? I think I know what the answer will be.

My very quick google search says that in America almost 91% of homicides are committed by men. That's a absolutely massive amount of murders for trans women to commit to put a dent in it.

BombadierFritz Fri 26-Feb-16 19:43:35

Oh ffs. Read this earlier. No mention of trans.

Its also important because we keep getting told we are hysterical for being concerned about letting men who claim to be women into women only spaces. Poor harmless transwomen who need protecting from nasty male violence. Which obviously they are not prone to, what with being women

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