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Finnish Rape PSA

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Dervel Fri 12-Feb-16 11:02:07

This can't be right:

scallopsrgreat Fri 12-Feb-16 12:32:03

What is it? I'd rather not click on unsolicited links thanks. And I don't know what Finnish Rape PSA means.

Dervel Fri 12-Feb-16 17:19:52

PSA = Public Service Announcement. It's basically a video showing a woman warding off a potential attacker with an outstretched hand with a mitten on, then two hands when he proves more tenacious, then finally hits him with a handbag...

This is all apparently from advice issued by the police. It's all a bit surreal really.

Greydog Fri 12-Feb-16 17:25:30

Having googled this, there's some dreadful stuff out there - and the video is a true one, it seems,

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