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woman ogling MMA fighters

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LunaMay Tue 05-Jan-16 06:23:36

Opinions? My wormate (male) just went on an epic rant about this.

DaggerEyes Tue 05-Jan-16 06:39:23

Well, none of the men were aware of her looking, she wasn't whistling, shouting abuse, or making crude, I think it's just a woman being caught appreciating some damn fine male bodies.

AnyFucker Tue 05-Jan-16 06:42:07

she doesn't look like she was "ogling", she looks like she was having a spaced out moment/planning what to cook for dinner

DropYourSword Tue 05-Jan-16 06:47:30

Presumably her role there involved watching them to ensure they weren't cheating or something? She actually seems less than impressed to me, bit of eye rolling and cats bum mouth.

BertrandRussell Tue 05-Jan-16 06:51:10

She just appears to be standing there to me- how was she supposed to look?

DaggerEyes Tue 05-Jan-16 06:52:53

Even if she is having a perv, she is being discreet. What did your work mate find so outrageous? If she'd have been pinching bums, then I could agree, but she's just not great at keeping a poker face while looking.

MumCodes Tue 05-Jan-16 06:55:07

She looks bored, I was expecting thigh rubbing at least! What on earth could your workmate see there to rant about?

AnyFucker Tue 05-Jan-16 06:55:52

Your workmate is one of those "women do it too" twats, isn't he?

Thefitfatty Tue 05-Jan-16 06:59:31

She looks like she's doing her job. Is she supposed to not look at them?

DaggerEyes Tue 05-Jan-16 07:03:18

Don't they still have near naked women carrying the boards about in boxing matches? Did he rant about that, or is that ok?

LunaMay Tue 05-Jan-16 07:03:27

He was just raving about how if men look at women they're perves and pigs and the whole spin on this would have been completely different. I cant say i find it that bad, honestly i havent looked to see if there is another video of this which might have 'offended' him.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Tue 05-Jan-16 07:06:08

I don't think men are pervs or pigs if they look at women - who says that? Catcalling, whistling, sexualised comments, deliberately staring, making faces at women are all fairly pig like habits but that's not the same as looking.
Again, a bloke completely missing the point.

BertrandRussell Tue 05-Jan-16 07:55:15

interesting thread title..........

ChocChocPorridge Tue 05-Jan-16 08:04:50

She didn't look like she was ogling - she's there as an official, she's supposed to watch what the fighters are doing!

And yes, there are women in bikini tops and shorts who walk around in between rounds. These days we do know their name (eg. the lovely Arianna), and it's the same women that travel with the UFC so they're not nameless bodies brought in for the night. But they are purely employed to be decorative.

AuntieStella Tue 05-Jan-16 08:07:02

I doubt that officials at martial arts competitions are no more perverted than those at athletics meets, or cycle races, or swimming events, or indeed any sport where the participants wear skimpy lycra.

DaggerEyes Tue 05-Jan-16 08:15:25

And even if one of the fighters was made to feel uncomfortable by this woman's actions, it would probably be the first time he's been made to feel that way by a woman, and is likely to be the last. Not many women can say that.

RufusTheReindeer Tue 05-Jan-16 08:28:16

She looks a bit embarrassed to be honest

And did anyone see those two men staring at the fighters!!!

Helping them with their jackets my arse!!!

Outright letching


DadWasHere Tue 05-Jan-16 10:24:45

She is ogling. The girls are there both to look pretty and be caught ogling. A lesbian in the role would have to brush up on her acting or soon be off camera.

GreenTomatoJam Tue 05-Jan-16 10:34:04

I don't think so Dad - the woman to the right (in the skimpy costume) is there for ornamentation. She's in trousers and a polo top - she's there to do a job. She's not looking any more than the guy to her left (whose eyes also travelled up and down the fighter in front of him as he undressed)

I don't see anything lascivious in her gaze personally - and I reckon that if you wanted to cut it together you could do just the same with any other official on that stage. I think it's a combination of her being in a bright blue shirt, right behind the fighters, and that she has dark eyes and skin with big eyes, making it very obvious where she's looking.

Mide7 Tue 05-Jan-16 10:47:47

I'm very much enjoying this thread grin

MrNoseybonk Tue 05-Jan-16 11:15:46

She is ogling.

I watched the video and she barely looked at the men. The woman on the right did seem to briefly smile while looking at one of them, but I guess it's her job to smile, and she isn't the woman in question anyway.
I agree with a PP, she looks bored.

PaulDirac Tue 05-Jan-16 11:21:46

Isn't she just standing there looking at what it is front of her, which happens to be some fighters. Ridiculous story, seems to me it was made by people wishing to cause trouble.

"If it was a man, you'd have some landwhale feminist calling for his head," one commenter said. hmm

DadWasHere Tue 05-Jan-16 11:22:07

GreenTomatoJam, frankly I find the race to defend 'no she is not ogling' rather weird and superficial, my wife by her own admission ogles (cough... 'visually appreciates') nice male bodies as do my daughters. I don’t care a rats if the girl is ogling or not. What matters, way beyond that, is she is placed in a position where she is supposed to be caught 'appearing' to ogle. Do you understand that is an order of magnitude more important? You say the woman in the skimpy costume is there for ornamentation, and your right, and in the extended version she is doing her own 'visual appreciations', but there is dynamic beyond this you don’t appear to see, a passive ornamentation is seen to be desirable but an active ornamentation is seen to desire.

GreenTomatoJam Tue 05-Jan-16 11:34:15

I find the whole fact that someone's cut together a whole video of someone looking at what's right in front of her weird and creepy personally.

and there is a difference between ogling and just looking, of course there is.

and, yes, I do see layers - but I don't think it's about passive and active ornamentation - I think it's interesting that you assume the fully dressed woman is there for ornamentation at all in fact, because I think she's there as an official, who happens to be a woman.

My experience is actually that the women who are there as ornamentation just look at the crowd and smile, barely even glance at the fighters, because they, too, are just doing their job.

LyndaNotLinda Tue 05-Jan-16 11:36:04

Clearly she should avert her gaze when a man is taking off his clothes right in front of her hmm

What a total non-story. Your colleague sounds like a complete twat LunaMay

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