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Enrique in Sri Lanka

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itllallbefine Wed 30-Dec-15 12:54:45

I read with dismay the comments that the sri lankan president made about female fans and their behaviour at above mentioned gig. I get that sri lanka is a conservative society and this kind of thing is frowned upon, but the punishment is not reserved for the women who acted in the "uncivilised" way but rather the organisers. Presumably the women cannot "control" themselves ?? Usually it's men who can't control themselves apparently.

It did get me thinking that as a teen I never really idolised any male celebrities the way a lot of girls seem to, so I don't understand this behaviour in other women.

Why do you never see men acting this way towards female celebrities ? Other than the usual disgusting remarks about what they would like to do, the hysterical reaction e.g. boy bands seem to elicit is not there. Apparently it was around when Franz Liszt was touring so not all that recent a social phenomenon if society is going to get the blame. Is it an "alpha" male thing or something ?

itllallbefine Wed 30-Dec-15 13:06:11

I just realised that may have made it sound like I thought anyone should be punished for what happened, I don't was more interested in the way that the women involved were thought unable to control themselves.

Cerseirys Wed 30-Dec-15 14:40:52

I agree, I'm mystified by the One Direction (among others) worship. A couple of their superfans were interviewed on BBC Breakfast and they were in their early 20s, not the 13 or 14 year olds I'd have expected to be worshipping a boy band. But I guess it's been around a long time - look at Beatlemania. Perhaps the only difference is that they didn't have access to social media!

Holowiwi Wed 30-Dec-15 17:30:19

1) Women do not find that attitute attractive, think of the typical heart throbs they tend to be dark, brooding silent types

2) Their male peers would be disapproving and probably mock them for that kind of behaviour.

And finally men/teenafe boys behaved like that towards girl bands it would be considered creepy.

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