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Tina O'Brien

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TheCarpenter Sun 20-Dec-15 18:20:15

The 'blogger' who refused to stop filming Tina O'Brien has been sacked.

Link here

Now you'd think such repercussions might make the 'blogger' rethink his actions.

'“I didn’t see no one firing her from Coronation Street for being rude to the public."

“You know what, I don’t even blame you. I forgive you. I was being nice, I was genuinely happy to see you."

“I’ve gone in work and been sacked, I need all my people to support me, who know I am not a bad guy."

“You’ve got an innocent man sacked from work. As for my workplace, you better come with some f*****g apologies or something. It’s an absolute p* take."

But what really jumped out was

"Now if I was frightened and alarmed, I wouldn’t be saying ‘f* right off, I’d be running a mile.”

Women! STOP ACTING WRONG! I am a man who films himself!

Don't know what I expect from this thread but the article has me spitting.

0phelia Sun 20-Dec-15 18:57:38

Its her fault that he was sacked!
It's not his fault for being an obviously sackable twat.
It's always her fault.

JoanFerguson Sun 20-Dec-15 18:58:03

Was it not revealed that he beat his former partner up really badly? I'll try and find the story. Relevant because of course it proves she was very right to be alarmed.

JoanFerguson Sun 20-Dec-15 18:59:51

Mide7 Sun 20-Dec-15 19:19:37

Why was he sacked

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