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Have you read today's MN blog?

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Garlick Fri 04-Dec-15 20:07:08

Powerful & sad.

SomeonesRealName Fri 04-Dec-15 21:24:58

Thanks for linking to this. Yes powerful and it could be any of our stories; depressingly there is not really anything out of the ordinary in what she describes.

Garlick Fri 04-Dec-15 21:45:27

Yes, that's what's so saddening.

I was mulling over what the 'being a boy' equivalent would look like - going by my brothers and various kids I've looked after - and it's not too dissimilar. You'd have to replace some of the sexual aggression with plain old aggression. But the common factor is how much of it is inflicted by men (or boys trying "to be men".)

I find it incredibly dispiriting that there is, for whatever reasons, such a large cohort of aggressive, intrusive males that no young person escapes them.

It's an additional sorrow that everyday aggression against girls & women is 'invisible', dismissed and devalued. I hope more bloggers will write about it.

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