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Women and feminism removed from Politics A'Level Curriculum

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squidzin Wed 25-Nov-15 12:49:35

The government have revised the Politics A Level syllabus, removing "feminism" and the whole course now only mentions ONE female thinker.

I came across this info from my FBook feed, Blog Here I'm not even a "serious" feminist but even I can see how wrong this is.

I signed the associated petition maybe something can be done? Petition Here

MephistophelesApprentice Wed 25-Nov-15 12:54:08

Feminism has had a huge impact on the modern political environment. But then, this government is trying to strip critical thinking from every discipline and once again restrict it to private education. It's hardly surprising they'd make a particular effort to target feminism as it undermines messages from advertising and is one way to teach the questioning of socialisation.

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