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Is this parody? I hope it is. (Reproductive rights for people with testicles. What?)

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VestalVirgin Mon 16-Nov-15 16:07:44

"I can’t have babies. And no one in the reproductive justice movement is talking about this."

This complaint is uttered by a transwoman. I.e. biological male.

Has any actual woman ever demanded that treatment for her very real infertility of her real female body be placed above issues like contraception and abortion in the feminist movement? I cannot remember even one such instance.

But here this transwoman is, and demands that feminism prioritize sperm banking.

HermioneWeasley Mon 16-Nov-15 16:16:52

Talking about "getting pregnant" is very strange

Luna is free to campaign on this issue.

I am free to ignore it and prioritise campaigning for reproductive rights for the 4.5billion women on this planet

UnDeuxTroisCatsSank Mon 16-Nov-15 16:21:48

I struggle to understand her argument. How is she going to get pregnant? Is someone else going to carry the foetus conceived of Luna's sperm? Is that what she means by being pregnant?

VestalVirgin Mon 16-Nov-15 16:25:34

UnDeux, I suppose that is what meant. Kind of dehumanizes that woman who will have to carry the foetus.

I am shocked such an article is published on a feminist site. This is not a site for transwomen, it claims to be for feminists in general. As such, I would have expected a little more respect for women.

HermioneWeasley Mon 16-Nov-15 16:31:29

Vestal, you know full well that feminists aren't allowed to organise for women any more without prioritising the (increasingly bizarre) demands of a subset of men who know better than we do what it "feels like to be a woman" and therefore their struggles are our struggles.

VestalVirgin Mon 16-Nov-15 16:38:05

I know, Hermione, I know ... but I still don't want to believe it.

Floggingmolly Mon 16-Nov-15 16:40:40

It's a biological fact. Why does it need a justice movement to "talk about it" as if it's discrimination? What a load of bollocks.

Brocklady Mon 16-Nov-15 16:42:22

What a load of bollocks


ChunkyPickle Mon 16-Nov-15 16:44:38

I think it's a bit odd to compare freezing sperm before taking hormones to birth control.

I think it's more akin to freezing sperm/eggs before chemotherapy surely?

One is preventative, frees women from unwanted pregnancy and all the related risks, one is enabling. I'm not saying that I don't support assistance for people who can't have children without it, but that, and birth control, are completely different things.

It’s absolutely crucial that we have someone to talk mother anxieties with. It’s already difficult enough navigating all the feelings around not being able to carry children, and the constant (fucked up) reminder that “real women” have menstrual cycles.

I think this is something that lots of females also have problems with if they discover that they can't have children, I think sensitivity is always needed around this, and I don't think calling it 'fucked up' that women have menstrual cycles and may discuss them when talking about reproduction is particularly sensitive either.

I do think again that it's not quite the same to not be able to carry a child because you're trans (ie. this is no surprise, you've always known this), vs. not be able to carry a child when you're female and you only find out when you try.

Floggingmolly Mon 16-Nov-15 16:46:08

Micha stood before telescope images of her viable sperm. She had been on HRT for many years and still was able to become pregnant
So the plumbing is all male... Yet Micha (I can't say she) thinks pregnancy is a possibility? With Micha's own sperm?
Edgar Allan Poe himself couldn't have come up with such a load of lunatic nonsense.

VestalVirgin Mon 16-Nov-15 16:58:27

Well, pregnancy with Micha's sperm certainly is possible. Just not for Micha.

I don't know what the intended implication is - for me it reads as if Micha intends to buy a female slave, whose pregnancy would then be Micha's property, too.

Yes, Edgar Allan Poe would not have come up with something as creepy.

FreshwaterSelkie Mon 16-Nov-15 17:05:35

I've read this a couple of times, but I can't make head or tail of it...

"What this means is that trans women who stop taking HRT for a few months can reverse sterilization and become pregnant with viable sperm"

but a trans woman has a male reproductive system, surely, so...confused

How can a person who is talking about freezing their sperm also talk about becoming a mother? Because it really seems like they mean mother as in, births a baby, not as in through adoption or surrogacy.

"nobody in the reproductive justice movement is talking about this" - because nobody has the first idea what you're on about?

And as for this: It’s already difficult enough navigating all the feelings around not being able to carry children, and the constant (fucked up) reminder that “real women” have menstrual cycles....bloody hell. Fucking biology, eh, all essentialist and exlusionary?

Floggingmolly Mon 16-Nov-15 17:49:21

Nobody spares a thought for the fact that women who were born women don't have a penis. This could be considered discriminatory and fucked up, rather than a simple matter of biology, by the same logic, could it not??
Maybe we just start a justice group to talk about it...

INickedAName Mon 16-Nov-15 18:06:37

They want to get pregnant with their own sperm? Like impregnate themselves?

Or do they mean by using their sperm (couldn't write her sperm, sorry)to get a female pregnant, they will say they are pregnant? Apart from they won't be carrying, growing nor giving birth to the baby? Sounds like Appropriating pregnancy along with woman.

MadgeMidgerson Mon 16-Nov-15 18:09:05

Ffs I will never have functioning wings or be able to fly under my own power

Where's my bloody flight justice action group

MadgeMidgerson Mon 16-Nov-15 18:09:53

I would love to know how exactly this tiny minority of humans has managed to make everything about them

EmpressKnowsWhereHerTowelIs Mon 16-Nov-15 18:40:48

It sounds straight out of The Handmaid's Tale.

LassWiTheWeelStockitFarm Mon 16-Nov-15 18:56:36

I immediately knew that wasn’t an option, and that once again a financial barrier had come between me and my dreams

And that of course has never happened to any one else ever.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Mon 16-Nov-15 19:04:21

What does she mean when she repeatedly talks about getting pregnant? Is this like the female penis and the hrt mesntrual cycle - ie renaming something completely incorrectly as a form of wish fulfilment?

CrayonShavings Mon 16-Nov-15 19:09:49

EF is becoming more and more like a parody site, did you see the one about changing the word 'ally' to 'turncoat'?

This one, however, really takes the appropriative biscuit.

LassWiTheWeelStockitFarm Mon 16-Nov-15 19:15:30

The writer could have made a perfectly reasonable case about the lack of affordable sperm and egg storage for any person who faces infertility because of medical treatment. And then stopped writing.

Whilst one might have less sympathy for the writer than one might have for say a man or woman facing infertility because of cancer treatment, it's not a ridiculous suggestion.

Interestingly in the recent Channel 4 programme about transmen one of the young men refused the option of having eggs stored as he felt the notion of becoming a genetic mother after he transitioned to a man was too weird to contemplate.

whatdoIget Mon 16-Nov-15 19:24:55

It sounds like they want to get themselves pregnant with their own sperm?! Well they can go fuck themself then

whatdoIget Mon 16-Nov-15 19:25:50

Sorry that was meant to be a joke hope it hasn't offended anyone

NuggetofPurestGreen Mon 16-Nov-15 19:34:41

"Where's the foetus going to gestate?! Are you going to keep it in a box??"

UnDeuxTroisCatsSank Mon 16-Nov-15 19:35:34

When feminists accuse trans people of suffering from mental illness that means they feel profoundly they "are" or should be the other sex, they are booed and accused of being TERFS. But reading this article it is hard not to think some sort of mental distortion of facts and reality is at play.

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