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WOC in Women's Equality Party

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antimatter Sun 27-Sep-15 09:58:31

I may be a bit uneducated in political matters. However recent threads on MN showed me how little me, a white woman, knows and acknowledges about situation of WOC. I haven't had time to read deeper analysis of what Women's Equality Party does but I can't see anything about WOC in their manifesto.

Any thoughts on it from people who know more about it?

BigChocFrenzy Sun 27-Sep-15 19:49:10

I'm a BME woman and I've been reading with interest about WEP.
As with other feminist groups, I don't feel offended if there are not specific WoC policies. Many common problems are colour-blind.

In practice, I've always found feminists very supportive when we raise specific issues, e.g. employment discrimination, attitudes of the police.
However, many of us also participate in smaller groups with other WoC, or with BME of both sexes. It is networking.

The WoC argument is sometimes raised by those offended when womens rights in other cultures or religions are criticised.
imo, women of all ethnic origins and religions deserve the same basic rights and it is insulting to suggest otherwise.

antimatter Sun 27-Sep-15 20:46:34

My question came after participating in this thread:

esp. reply by BrandNewAndImproved on Sun 20-Sep-15 01:41:57

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