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Short skirts

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VashtaNerada Sat 08-Aug-15 17:17:23

Had a disagreement with DH and seem to have lost my way on what the feminist perspective might be!
I overheard him saying to DD (7) that her school skirt shouldn't be too short. Sounded like 'slut-shaming' to me - surely she can wear whatever length skirt she wants?
But when I spoke to him after, he said the reason for his comment was that he is concerned about how much pressure is put on young girls to look 'sexy' and he wants her to be comfortable and practical. Which also sounds reasonable.
Can someone help me untangle this please? (This is actually a moot point at the moment as we buy her - reasonably lengthed - school skirts ourselves anyway, but presumably this will become an issue when she's older.)

noddingoff Sat 08-Aug-15 17:35:24

Simple: just apply Caitlain Moran's "Are the men doing it?" (in this case, boys) thought process.
If she was your DS not your DD, would you think this length about right:
Would shorter be OK? Are these too short already?

VashtaNerada Sat 08-Aug-15 19:14:10

Oh I like that analogy - basically, don't give it any more thought than I would the length of my son's shorts (I do have a son and, funnily enough, have never discussed how provocative his shorts are!!).
Yes, will share that with DH.

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