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Facebook group for trans people and feminists, is there one?

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Italiangreyhound Sun 14-Jun-15 02:30:42

Someone somewhere linked to a Facebook page that had pro trans but also some 'look out man in a dress looking under toilet doors' kind of story on Facebook.

It looked like a meeting place for trans people and feminists.

I had a look, it looked like a place where people could share concerns but without excluding trans people, and I liked the look of that and now I can't find it. Anyone know where it is, please?

Italiangreyhound Sun 14-Jun-15 02:31:03

Thanks so much.

lunchbrunchtime Sun 14-Jun-15 03:12:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WombOfOnesOwn Sun 14-Jun-15 03:18:33

Is this the group you're thinking of?

Italiangreyhound Sun 14-Jun-15 03:39:40

Good idea lunch it was quite a few days ago though and the history bit has disappeared off the screen so no idea where to find it (technophobic!)

Italiangreyhound Sun 14-Jun-15 04:06:11

womb yes, thank you.

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