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Wed 28 Jan at 8pm - BBC Radio 4 programme about the law and rape

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vesuvia Tue 27-Jan-15 23:17:01

At 8pm on Wednesday 28 January, BBC Radio 4 will broadcast a 45 minute discussion programme about "The Law and Rape" in their legal series "Unreliable Evidence". It's advertised as covering how the low conviction rates for rape may be improved and why the law "appears" to be failing women.

Link to BBC Radio 4 programme - The Law and Rape

Taking part are:
Alison Saunders (Director of Public Prosecutions)
Martin Hewitt (Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner)
Harriet Wistrich (Solicitor, founder of the campaign group Justice For Women)
Catarina Sjolin (Barrister and law lecturer).

If you are interested but can't listen at 8pm, I expect the programme will be available on BBC iPlayer for some weeks.

PetulaGordino Tue 27-Jan-15 23:22:17

Thanks, I won't be able to listen live but will catch up

cadno Wed 28-Jan-15 10:19:06

Also there's an item on Women's Hour today - probably now in fact - discussing whether juries should be 'briefed' ahead of sex offence trials.

HouseWhereNobodyLives Wed 28-Jan-15 10:27:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HouseWhereNobodyLives Wed 28-Jan-15 22:03:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PetulaGordino Wed 28-Jan-15 22:29:50

Yep I heard the first five minutes before I had to switch off and haven't caught up yet

I totally agree with you about how he introduced it

HouseWhereNobodyLives Wed 28-Jan-15 22:40:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HouseWhereNobodyLives Wed 28-Jan-15 23:01:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Thu 29-Jan-15 08:45:23

I thought the debate was ok, but yes the introduction was crass and insensitive.

HouseWhereNobodyLives Thu 29-Jan-15 08:53:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PetulaGordino Thu 29-Jan-15 08:55:59

yes that was appalling, and iirc something about uncontrollable lust

PetulaGordino Thu 29-Jan-15 08:56:22

if i get a chance to catch up today i might write to feedback

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Thu 29-Jan-15 09:02:38

Yes, the 'lust' comment was awful, total ack of understanding of the crime.

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