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NiceCupOfTeaAndAPartyRing Sat 13-Dec-14 08:38:38

First thread, long time lurker! smile

So I'm watching some documentary on the Queen and her Prim Ministers. When it comes to Margaret Thatcher, the introduction says: 'A catfight was inevitable'
None of the other PM's personal relationship with the Queen have been mentioned, focussing on their policies and their politics.
Does anyone else find this a bit hmm?
'Catfight', in particular, seems like such a derogatory word to use for two of the most powerful women in the country...

NiceCupOfTeaAndAPartyRing Sat 13-Dec-14 08:42:24

That should read 'Prime' Ministers, obviously!

Beangarda Sat 13-Dec-14 08:43:17

Yes, it's wildly misogynistic. The choice of word shows a major discomfort with female power and status, and relegates significant ideological and personal differences between female monarch and female PM to two drunk teenagers pulling one another's hair over a boy outside a nightclub.

NiceCupOfTeaAndAPartyRing Sat 13-Dec-14 08:51:52

I thought the same, thank you for putting my discomfort into words. It's on Blair now and, again, not one word about his personal relationship, it's all about his liberalism. Some wanky royal corespondent said that the UK was 'ahead of it's time' having 'two ladies as the head of a country'.
Not realising that one is an unelected head of state who just happens to be female.

YonicSleighdriver Sat 13-Dec-14 10:12:16

Completely agree, OP.

YonicSleighdriver Sat 13-Dec-14 10:20:46

It's like that "purring" thing DC said about the Queen. Show some respect, mate.

NiceCupOfTeaAndAPartyRing Sat 13-Dec-14 12:33:20

Indeed, Yonic. Would he have said that when referring to a King? Highly doubt it angry

BuffyWithChristmasEarings Sat 13-Dec-14 13:04:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

YonicSleighdriver Sat 13-Dec-14 13:29:38

Apart from anything else, they were two people very used to being in situations requiring diplomacy and I imagine that underpinned their interactions.

grimbletart Sat 13-Dec-14 13:51:44

cat fight is one of my most hated misogynistic words. It says nothing about the women involved and everything about the prats that use the phrase.

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