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Divorce 'winnings!'

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littlewaltham Thu 27-Nov-14 22:07:40

In today's headlines a woman 'won 337 million in a divorce settlement'

She did not win it the money was already hers.

I wonder if she feels like a winner after the end of a 17 year marriage with 4 children.

Rant over

tribpot Thu 27-Nov-14 22:49:13

I think the Beeb has it more accurately - the woman won the case rather than the money. To identify the case it is being described as the '£337 million case'. So I guess she was the plaintiff in the divorce, thus if her settlement figure was close to what she had stated was hers, she won the case.

But yes, you are quite right to note the money was already hers. She didn't win it lottery style. Arguably they both lost (although I think I could get over 'losing' 500 million or whatever his share was) as they left the court with less money than when they went in. If you accept all of it belonged to both of them before.

littlewaltham Thu 27-Nov-14 23:06:46

Indeed it all belonged to both of them. How do you begin to measure a special contribution that the man claimed to have contributed to the finances? The argument of who done more is endless.

Yes both lost out he must be just as stressed at end of 17 year marriage.

Imagine having 500 million and 337 million left the mind boggles.

Dontlaugh Thu 27-Nov-14 23:12:23

The figures are mind boggling.
The facts as detailed are equally so, and are sad. A marriage has ended, for whatever reasons, and 4 children are involved.
Of course that money is hers. Whether she actually gets it or not is the next question.
Sadly, they seemed, unusually amongst the "big money" divorce cases, to be very philanthropic and highly educated, as in their very raison d'etre seemed to be philanthropic from the beginning, notwithstanding he ran a hedge fund.

Given both their educational backgrounds, it is a given that he would not have earned that money without her.

littlewaltham Thu 27-Nov-14 23:24:32

I wonder why the judge decided that the settlement figures are reportable. I am not sure anyone benefits from knowing their private details (other than feeling good that 1billion has gone to charity)

Dontlaugh Thu 27-Nov-14 23:47:01

From the Guardian today:

"Mrs Justice Roberts has yet to deliver a detailed ruling, but a draft version has been given to both parties. Neither party commented as they left court, although sources close to Cooper-Hohn indicated she would want to examine the percentage she had been awarded before deciding future moves."

I am of the opinion that this information was leaked, given that it was a private hearing. I see nothing in the media to indicate the judge has released this information. I am open to correction.

One party has indicated they would like to examine percentages, as is their right. IF the ruling was leaked, then it could be interpreted as a warning shot across the bows of an ex spouse, who may be fighting ruling.
Or not.

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