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Man stabbed repeatedly after asking someone to stop catcalling his girlfriend

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kim147 Sat 22-Nov-14 09:59:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PuffinsAreFictitious Sat 22-Nov-14 10:14:59

And yet women are told that it's a compliment, that we should just get over it.

Within the first few comments, we have a man saying that the injured man should have preened about having such a sexy woman and being so alpha because women are possessions which go to the bestest men another man saying that it's just as bad for men, yet another man asking where all the SJWs when did social justice become a bad thing? are and so on.

kim147 Sat 22-Nov-14 10:17:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ApocalypseThen Sat 22-Nov-14 10:33:13

This is what people fear about male violence.

Well exactly. But then don't we see lots of men who would never do this themselves argue both that its a minor complement and they'd love being catcalled but also that they'd never remonstrate with another man doing it because of what might happen to them. They're lucky that they can opt out - women can't. And this is why women complain and campaign about it. There are undertones of violence, we can't escape it and it forces you to think about your physical vulnerability at all times.

SevenZarkSeven Sat 22-Nov-14 10:55:04

This seems like a strange news story to have as a main story about international news.

When men become violent with women and girls who ask them to stop doing stuff it's not usually reported is it.

Is it because it was a slow news day?
Because the person who was stabbed was male?
Because of this topic being in the news generally at the moment?

Women are met with violence all the time when they "reject" creepy men's "advances" and I guess a stabbing in the UK might get a bit of news time in the UK, I am surprised that this happening overseas has made it into the papers.

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