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Ladybird books go gender neutral

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grimbletart Fri 21-Nov-14 11:51:45

Just don't read the comments at the bottom grin

Lottapianos Fri 21-Nov-14 11:56:04

Good stuff. Will avoid comments like the plague - blood pressure doesn't need any more spiking with all the UKIP guff today hmm

fee1612 Fri 21-Nov-14 17:19:50

What utter rubbish

TinTinsSexySister Fri 21-Nov-14 17:25:37

Brilliant news. Will avoid comments from the Torygraph crowd

HaroldsBishop Fri 21-Nov-14 18:20:10

I don't understand the comments. What could be BAD about this? How does this move from Ladybird hurt anyone?

GilbertBlytheWouldGetIt Fri 21-Nov-14 18:37:21

What's rubbish feel1612?

SpeverendRooner Fri 21-Nov-14 18:41:34

Conservatives wouldn't change their underwear if they didn't have to.
- David Eddings

SpeverendRooner Fri 21-Nov-14 18:43:12

...response to Harold, not Gilbert.

EBearhug Fri 21-Nov-14 20:41:21

I have a handful of Ladybird books still on my shelves (mine, rather than a child's) - the books which made some impression on me. Elizabeth Fry and Florence Nightingale are both "Adventures in History" and Marie Curie is "Lives of the Great Scientists".

(These Ladybird books are among the reasons I'm a feminist, so I don't think they've had a bad gender record, unless it all went downhill after the 1970s.)

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