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Is there a 'dont rape' poster?

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Catsarebastards Wed 19-Nov-14 09:47:44

A local community safety group has posted this on their facebook page today and i would like to offer them an alternative non victim blaming poster to use.

Is there such a thing?

BuffytheReasonableFeminist Wed 19-Nov-14 09:56:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Catsarebastards Wed 19-Nov-14 10:11:19

Thank you buffy. Just the thing i was after.

noddingoff Wed 19-Nov-14 15:36:39

"Make yourself clearly understood" by
- announcing, at an adequate volume and with perfect diction, "I do not wish to have any kind of sexual contact with you or any of your acquaintances for the forseeable future"; or
- administering a hearty kick in the balls to any man who looks in your direction
or preferably both, repeating as necessary.
Anything less and you're basically asking for it and it's your own fault if you get raped innit.
Way to victim blame.

Catsarebastards Wed 19-Nov-14 15:40:55

Yep nodding. That exactly. It is so depressing.

I love the last point "dont go off with someone you've just met" yeah because we all know that someone you already know wouldnt rape you hmm

NotCitrus Wed 19-Nov-14 17:07:52 This poster campaign was pretty good - though this link was the least amount of male indignance I could find, and some of the other posters addressed consent versus non-consent even once someone is in bed with you. The posters aren't on Lambeth's website any more, sadly.

MyEmpireOfDirt Wed 19-Nov-14 18:16:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MyEmpireOfDirt Wed 19-Nov-14 18:16:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Catsarebastards Wed 19-Nov-14 18:22:24

It is awful empire. I posted the two links buffy gave me and they have now posted the "dont be that guy" one. Tbh i am going to stop following the FB page as they seem to post whatever vague references to safety they come across without any thought as to the message it is sending. they have already offended quite a few people with a suicide poster they shared.

GobblersKnob Wed 19-Nov-14 18:27:52

Another one

Do you have this one? One won't open on my kindle

Someone felt the need to make this, nice

Your original fb one is fucking awful sad

Catsarebastards Wed 19-Nov-14 18:36:25

Christ some of those are vile sad

Thanks for those links. Some good ones to store for future use.

MyEmpireOfDirt Wed 19-Nov-14 22:10:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Catsarebastards Wed 19-Nov-14 22:25:50

Yep those are the vile ones i was thinking of. Also one saying "prevent rape, just say yes" angry

Madcatgirl Wed 19-Nov-14 22:33:06

I have this one my Twitter feed issued by my university amongst others.

peachgirl Thu 20-Nov-14 12:21:38

I know you asked for posters, but if you also want to send them a video for their page, there is this excellent Scottish anti-rape advert. It gets the message across perfectly.

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