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Oh fuck off... Superheroes for CIN

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TallulahTwinkletoes Tue 11-Nov-14 17:07:59

Just picked up DD from CM and have been told it's superhero day for children in need 'but the girls can just go as princesses'. Ermmm fuck off. If it's superhero day, she goes as a superhero. What do I do now? Buy a superhero outfit and probably exclude her from the girls or follow like a sheep and let her be a beautiful princess? I'm sure she would live both...

Velocirapture Tue 11-Nov-14 17:09:01

Wonderwoman is a superhero AND a princess

CinnabarRed Tue 11-Nov-14 17:10:57

All the girls I know are going as Spideman/Batman/Superman or - and I love this - fire fighters/police officers.

DuelingFanjo Tue 11-Nov-14 17:11:08

Our nursery is doing the same though they seem to have included both boys and girls. Could you make/get her a cape?

futterwacken Tue 11-Nov-14 17:13:50

Is she old enough to choose herself?

stilllearnin Tue 11-Nov-14 17:14:12

Where has this come from? My dd is in year 6 and doing this - she is going as her circus skills teacher!!

EElisavetaofBelsornia Tue 11-Nov-14 17:21:00

Fucking princesses can fuck off. I am making my DD a cape with her initial in a superwoman style and same on a t shirt. She will be Super-mini-Veta.

EElisavetaofBelsornia Tue 11-Nov-14 17:21:43

PS have a pattern for (hopefully very easy to make) Cape if needed.

DuelingFanjo Tue 11-Nov-14 17:23:45

I think it's the general theme this year.

Bonkerz Tue 11-Nov-14 17:25:31

I never understand this dressing up thing for children in need or Red Nose Day etc mainly because they sell t shirts which a % of the £ goes towards the charity. Surely schools should be encouraging us to buy charity merchandise or just do non uniform day.
My FB news feed is saturated with people wanting to buy super hero costumes when really that £ could go to the charity instead via purchase of t shirts!
I got my son and daughter some pudsey socks and a pudsey t shirt each. Cost me £12 of which £7 goes to CIN!

Timeforabiscuit Tue 11-Nov-14 17:28:19

Got my goat too!!

Dd2 has chosen Rapunzel - but she's accessorising with a frying pan grin

YonicScrewdriver Tue 11-Nov-14 17:31:18

Yy bonkerz - mufti days with £1 to charity and £10 on an outfit are illogical!!!

TallulahTwinkletoes Tue 11-Nov-14 17:31:39

EElisa I am stealing that idea!!! Fantastic! Glad I'm not the only one, I thank mumsnet for this getting my goat tho!

She does have two princess dresses and no superhero outfits. DP has hulk memorabilia so I'm thinking hulk if possible but I love the cape idea.

How does one make a cape????

TallulahTwinkletoes Tue 11-Nov-14 17:32:41

I'm not sure they mentioned a pound to charity...

JimmyCorkhill Tue 11-Nov-14 17:35:11

Pinterest is your friend.

I wanted to make DD1 a cape and have her initial on the back but she wanted to be Spiderman. I have made a cape for her teddy though!

When I first googled female superheroes they were all so sexy and totally inappropriate, even the girl from The Incredibles. All cat suits and leotards.

Showy Tue 11-Nov-14 17:37:55

I love our school. They said come as a superhero, invent your own if you dare. Please wear your own clothes if more comfortable. Voluntary 50p donation.

DD has invented Archaeology Girl. I made a cape, she decorated a T-shirt with her slogan "Solving the Mysteries of History".

School is hot on smashing gender stereotypes.

PerditaXDream Tue 11-Nov-14 17:43:35

Plenty of female superhero ideas at A Mighty Girl - they have a Facebook feed and a website, predominantly for selling books and stuff but the FB feed often includes pics of people's daughters in their own superhero outfits.

Also, there's Buffy the Vampire Slayer....

Timeforabiscuit Tue 11-Nov-14 17:59:47

showy I think I love your school blush

downbythelane Tue 11-Nov-14 18:13:14

we have a blanket rule in this house that princesses are allowed but they must have either skills or gadgets (preferably both).

PandasRock Tue 11-Nov-14 18:16:06

Our school has done the same as Showy's. The children get to design their own superhero.

Dd2 is going as Nature girl, with various own clothes (flowery skirt, flowery tights, animal t shirt, and a cape made out of a material off cut I had which has a tree print). I expect there will be a fair few princesses though hmm

ChunkyPickle Tue 11-Nov-14 18:23:45

Easiest cape is a rectangle of lycra (shiny, brightly coloured, doesn't fray so doesn't need a hem) with a neck width slot cut across a couple of inches from one of the short ends (not too wide - it'll stretch over their head), and the corners at that end rounded off a bit (not necessary, but looks better).

No sewing, drapes beautifully, comes in any colour, and requires no velcro/ties. 1/2 a metre for a large child, then half that for a smaller one, and half that again for a baby (or you could actually measure if you're feeling thorough)

bluebump Tue 11-Nov-14 18:32:14

Our school is doing the superhero theme too, i've made a cape and mask for my DS.

phonyics Tue 11-Nov-14 18:38:15

Slight hijack but I'm an early years teacher doing superheroes as a theme; I'm making up an address book with pics and numbers of superheroes for the children to look through and dial the numbers of. Trouble is, it is overwhelmingly full of male figures and I'm struggling to find any girls/women to put in there. Would be v grateful for any suggestions!

JimmyCorkhill Tue 11-Nov-14 18:44:29

No sew t shirt cape.

TallulahTwinkletoes Tue 11-Nov-14 19:03:17

Phonyics, someone down thread has mentioned a mighty girl but female superheroes off the top of my head include...

Cat woman
Wonder Woman
Spider woman (Jessica Drew)
Powderpuff girls
Pink and yellow power ranger
Watchmen had two women in it but not sure if age appropriate
Elektra (ultra violet sequel I think)
Super girl/woman (not sure if genuine)

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