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I want to give an everyday feminist award to my teacher. Who would you give one to?

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Graendal Mon 10-Nov-14 11:37:13

Reading another thread about a children's football team being referred to as 'boys' when there are female players and how this filters down, will this girl continue to feel welcome when the language used implies she's in the wrong place.

I'm learning joinery, male dominated course. No female teachers yet. Even student services came into the workshop and said 'Urgh, it smells like boys in here' (It doesn't, it smells like wood, and wood smells awesome!).

When our teacher calls us together, it's 'Team'. Come on 'Team', okay 'Team'. It might seem like nothing to someone else, but it feels like an Everyday Feminism thing for me.

Lio Mon 10-Nov-14 18:05:17

My daughter, for routinely correcting people who refer to her stuffed animals as 'he' when they are almost all 'she', including her blanket.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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