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#MothersOnMarriageCerts - still need you help

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nameequality Mon 09-Jun-14 19:22:44

Despite having 38,000 signatures on my petition calling for mothers' names on marriage certificates and an article in The Sunday Times yesterday suggesting that the change was imminent and to be pushed through by Jenny Willott, lib dem Equalities Minister apparently the Home Office are no further forward then when I started.

See end of article in

this Daily Mail article

Theresa May yesterday put the brakes on a feminist campaign to reform ‘sexist’ marriage certificates.

Please check to see whether your MP has signed this
Early Day Motion and if not email them via


CaptChaos Mon 09-Jun-14 19:48:56

I've signed and shared on Facebook, will share on twitter later as well.

My MP hasn't signed the EDM, I would happily write to the pompous twunt, but he is a pompous twunt, who thinks women are there to be looked at. I think if I tried to engage him in reasonable discourse again, my spleen would try and strangle me misquotes Douglas Adams

LRDtheFeministDragon Mon 09-Jun-14 20:20:09

This is such bullshit (the decision, not the petition!). So angry.

ezinma Tue 10-Jun-14 08:05:51

I imagine it was "complex and costly" to alter marriage certificates to include gay couples. But also correct and important. As is your campaign.

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