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Barriers to equality BBC radio documentary

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genderdocumentary Wed 26-Mar-14 14:05:22

Hi. My husband has made this radio documentary for the BBC. It focuses on the perspectives of four 15 year old girls in four different countries and asks what stands in the way of them being treated equally.

It's not meant to provide answers but instead focuses on hearing from the girls themselves (and from their families).

There is also a TV documentary which was shown outside the UK on BBC World but it's not available online at the moment (it might be in the future). The two documentaries are very similar - just TV and radio versions.

I'm posting here as both have already been broadcast on the World Service and BBC World and have had some great responses from women and girls all over the world.

My husband is very keen to get the TV doc shown in schools (both in the UK and overseas) and would be grateful for any advice or thoughts you have about doing this. Or in fact, any other ideas you have about showing it to teenagers?

Thanks for your help.

genderdocumentary Wed 26-Mar-14 14:08:00

TV doc now available here:

(I'm obviously biased but it really is very good).

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