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Put off biking.

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wizzzadora Tue 25-Mar-14 11:46:53

Hello all, long time reader first time poster.

I've recently been toying with the idea of fulfilling a lifes ambition of mine and that is to learn to ride a motorcycle. I have looked into all the laws and requirements and have even put a deposit down on a little 125.

While searching for more information on riding I came across a bikers website that was both busy and had loads of information I could use.

Now the problem is I am absolutely appalled by the level of misogyny that appears to run through the biking community. One post really brought that home to me....
(I hope it's ok to link it here).

This quickly led to what can only be described as a vile torrent of abuse aimed at a woman that did nothing more than make a sensible comment. Suffice to say she was driven off the site quite quickly....
I know it sounds weak but I'm now very much put off going to bike meets or runs because of the obvious hatred so many seem to harbour be it overtly or secretly.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Fri 28-Mar-14 00:07:27


Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Thu 27-Mar-14 16:05:54

"Thank you so, so much for the advice not to use a forum for misogynistic, semi-literate people if I don't want to be irritated by ill-formed and bigoted opinions expressed by those with the compositional skills of an elephant with a broken wax crayon."

That's quite insulting to elephants who appear to be really intelligent and are known for their empathy grin

MajorGrinch Thu 27-Mar-14 07:50:09

After 15 years of biking (all year round, not just a summer Power Ranger) I don't feel that I've missed out at all by not joining the "Bike Scene".

Looking at that forum & having enjoyed some of the witty repartee from the -- biker caricatures-- Visitors from it, I think I'll stick to my guns & steer well clear, far too rufty tufty for me!

Do your CBT, ride for a bit & make your own friends/contacts in your own time OP.

If you've got any Bike related questions ask them on MN - there are hundreds of bikers on here who will be more than happy to help you!

CaptChaos Wed 26-Mar-14 21:10:42

Bless them.

Setting off a Klaxxon because the mean wimmins handed some of their posters their arses.

Fuck! I hope they never meet any of the bikers I used to hang out with, they'd eat them alive.

AnyFucker Wed 26-Mar-14 20:52:01

oh, I love a "Millie Tant" reference

it's a signpost to being a dickhead, makes life much easier

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnyFucker Wed 26-Mar-14 20:44:13

You have arrived grin

TheGirlFromIpanema Wed 26-Mar-14 20:39:03

See me quoted by the charmingly named Eddie Hitler (yy was perhaps funny when Ade or whoever did it in the 80's) I think its the thread which was originally linked too.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnyFucker Wed 26-Mar-14 19:54:45

Oh, are they talking about us ?

Faaame ! At laaaast !

TheGirlFromIpanema Wed 26-Mar-14 19:36:18

I am quite proud to have been [mis]quoted over there.

<<takes a bow>>

Pantah630 Wed 26-Mar-14 19:11:45

Anneka I've never heard so much bollocks spouted as I've seen on that forum, and I didn't read much. I'm half inclined to join just to redirect them away from biking, far, far away. I suspect if they tried speaking like that around a group of real life bikers, they wouldn't last very long.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnyFucker Wed 26-Mar-14 18:56:10

Bloody hell, that was quick smile

I believe that raising the standards of adult literacy can only be a good thing.

AnnekaNI Wed 26-Mar-14 18:53:14

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

AnyFucker Wed 26-Mar-14 18:47:14

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TheGirlFromIpanema Wed 26-Mar-14 18:42:38

I actually think it's a site full of "softies" as you so nicely put it.

Maybe the head, or maybe their appendages.

Either way I suspect there is a lot of softness over there smile

TheGirlFromIpanema Wed 26-Mar-14 18:40:44

Anneka ODFOD.

AnyFucker Wed 26-Mar-14 18:32:36

"Banter" of the most misused terms in the English language

AnnekaNI Wed 26-Mar-14 18:31:37

Its not a forum for every one, clearly not you Ladies. Not a place for softies.

Bifauxnen Wed 26-Mar-14 18:31:18

Banter is different from misogyny.

A spotters guide;
Banter - fun, friendly, inclusive
Misogyny - abusive, derogatory, hateful, exclusive

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheGirlFromIpanema Wed 26-Mar-14 18:18:59

Thanks for clearing that up AnnekaNI hmm

Move along folks, nothing to see here....Anneka said so.

Bif Sniffing around for some cheese maybe grin

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