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Would like to create something for young girls but don't know what.

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icepole Sun 23-Mar-14 09:43:32

For a long time now I have had a desire to create something for young girls to help them with their self esteem and to give them a space to look at issues like body confidence, sexual assault, self care, etc. I keep coming back to this thought but can't get beyond it into a concrete idea.

What do you think could work here? I have a background in drama and education so I did wonder about developing some workshops but I wondered how much opportunity I would get to run them. Or maybe something online would be better, or maybe I should write something instead.

I would like to do something, I just can't get any clarity on the form it would take. Do you think there is anything in this idea and if so I would love any thoughts on ways I could take this forward.

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Sun 23-Mar-14 10:03:13

Have you looked at Jump online magazine. Great stories for girls aged 8-13, might be inspirational.

Started by a MNer!

KaseyM Mon 24-Mar-14 19:38:27

What about creating some kind of resource highlighting the women in the past whose achievements have been overlooked.

History is far more interesting when you can identify with the players and there are quite a few threads in FWR that list inspiring women and could act as a starting point.

Best of luck.

qumquat Mon 31-Mar-14 16:17:49

Icepole I love your idea. I've just had a dd so thoughts of what's around for her as she grows up are high in my mind right now. I'm also a drama teacher with a background in DIE. Love the idea of workshops, as long as they are not too issue-ey (I hope you know what I mean, I have a horror of worthy clichéd issues led drama, but good drama should address issues through the art, something I always struggle with) I'd be interested in discussing ideas with you, but like you nothing concrete in my head right now! Where are you based?

icepole Tue 01-Apr-14 13:13:52

Thanks all, still mulling it over. I am in Scotland, kind of the middle of no where to be honest! I know what you mean about issuey, I like the idea of a space for girls to be free to talk and explore stuff though.

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