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Does feminism mean we have to get rid of sexist benefits?

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AnswersThroughHaiku Thu 13-Feb-14 11:57:59

Here some women are
Reluctant to let go of
The privileges

That come along with
Benevolent sexism.
Will this ever change?

Is it sexist to
Expect unequal treatment
In this day and age?

DebbieOfMaddox Thu 13-Feb-14 12:07:47

No they're

They think that
If two people
With very different
Actually care about
Each other
Then the one
With more disposable income
Should probably
Pick up more of the tab
Than the one
With hardly any.

Regardless of
Who has a penis
Or a vagina
In their

It's not sexist
To expect
Or hope
That people
Will act with consideration
Towards others.

It's sexist
To expect them
To do so
On the grounds
Of gender.


DebbieOfMaddox Thu 13-Feb-14 12:15:10

(I'm going for free verse rather than haiku. Aren't haiku supposed to have a nature/seasonal reference, anyway?)

AnswersThroughHaiku Thu 13-Feb-14 12:16:28

My question was not
About that specific thread,
But the general rule

That "the man should pay"
And other similarly
Out-dated notions.

AnswersThroughHaiku Thu 13-Feb-14 12:17:49

e. e. cummings style
Is good too! I'm ignoring
The nature stuff. Ssh!

DebbieOfMaddox Thu 13-Feb-14 12:20:18

Of course it's chuffing
Sexist. But also not that
Common these days, hmm?

NigellasDealer Thu 13-Feb-14 12:20:27

i am impressed - 17 syllables and all!

tribpot Thu 13-Feb-14 12:27:36

I'm going freestyle as well.

This is a thread about a thread. Is that allowed?

In the case of wildly differing incomes, it is just good manners not to share the bill exactly. It has nothing to do with gender.

On a date it's rather unromantic to be splitting the bill, so I'd be tempted to say whoever asked should pay, with the other party saying (and meaning) "next time I'll get the bill". This also allows the inviting party to choose something that fits their budget.

From time to time
The clouds give rest
To the moon-beholders.

- Bashō

AnswersThroughHaiku Thu 13-Feb-14 12:32:22

"Thread about a thread" -
Is inspired by a thread
Allowed? I'm not sure.

DebbieOfMaddox Thu 13-Feb-14 12:36:02

Nothing in the rules
To say no threads about threads
Although some claim that.

AskBasil Thu 13-Feb-14 13:04:49

I think you've misunderstood the thread tbh

VegetariansTasteLikeChicken Thu 13-Feb-14 13:05:14

I'd have done a limerick but I can't find anything to rhyme with "what the actual fuck?"

AwfulMaureen Thu 13-Feb-14 13:10:08

A modern woman
Looks not at the cost of things
But at their beauty.

{I'm above caring}

MoominIsGoingToBeAMumEEEEK Thu 13-Feb-14 13:13:34


I'm afraid you are quite out of luck
If you think you are able to duck
The responsibility (and curse)
To reply solely in verse
But really - what the actual fuck?

Any good for ya?

SconeRhymesWithGone Thu 13-Feb-14 13:16:50

grin at Vegetarians

RonaldMcDonald Thu 13-Feb-14 13:23:32

I was incredibly pissed off to be taxed as a single person but treated as a dependant married person when I needed benefits due to long term illness.
My H <now ex> wasn't the main earner, far from it, to suggest he could suddenly keep us all on his salary was laughable.

VegetariansTasteLikeChicken Thu 13-Feb-14 13:28:59

Fabulous moomins grin

I really must try harder grin

Op, I just checked out that thread..other than one dim bulb saying the op had gender privilege I'm a bit confused as to what sex had to do with it? The OP had paid more in previous relationships because she was the higher earner. Her boyfriend in this case had more money and then say "I'm taking you to dinner" and expect her to pay half! That's eating in to her lifestyle and money.

If he wanted to go to flash places, he should pay and then she should pay in places where she had taken him (and she could afford) nothing to do with genitalia.

UptoapointLordCopper Thu 13-Feb-14 14:19:08

Medals for Moomin. grin

SabrinaMulhollandJjones Thu 13-Feb-14 14:30:55

Aeons ago when
when dh and I met
t'was not an issue

either way because
he is not a twat and nor
am I

VegetariansTasteLikeChicken Thu 13-Feb-14 15:13:56

grin sabrina

SanityClause Thu 13-Feb-14 15:36:32

Wow, that was a long time ago, Ronald.

And TBH, Married Couples Allowance was only worth about £284 pa, anyway.

BuffytheReasonableFeminist Thu 13-Feb-14 17:03:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BuffytheReasonableFeminist Thu 13-Feb-14 17:05:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VegetariansTasteLikeChicken Thu 13-Feb-14 17:13:32

Do English people know Conan Obrien?

UptoapointLordCopper Thu 13-Feb-14 19:09:41

Quite, vegetarians. grin

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