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Hell of a headline from our favourite, the DM

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chocoluvva Thu 02-Jan-14 21:20:09

Couldn't agree more - though the DM does not necessarily read as women fighting being worse than men fighting given that we don't usually. I'd be horrified if any man I know got into a fight.

IMO women are expected to behave better than men in all sorts of other ways too - to be more considerate, peacemakers, tidier, more hospitable, make more effort with their appearance, be more co-operative, be more organised. It royally pisses me off.

tracypenisbeaker Thu 02-Jan-14 21:09:55

It was sarcasm choco, maybe that should be my New Years Resolution, so improve my sarcasm smile I think my point is, its doesnt matter what sex you are, violence is wrong. To me it reeks of 'women should know better, its almost excusable when men do it though because that is what is expected of them.'

chocoluvva Thu 02-Jan-14 20:59:58

I can hardly believe I'm defending the DM.....but, it's much more unusual for women to physically fight than for men to so the 'even' could be read as 'and unusually [sic] women also....'

Not acceptable for men to fight either though. Why can you "understand the men getting stuck in"?

Apologies if you're being humorously sarcastic and I've missed it.

tracypenisbeaker Thu 02-Jan-14 20:49:56

'Caught on video: Disgraceful moment New Year's Eve brawl on the Tube escalated into riot as drunken revellers jeered 'fight, fight, fight' while even women threw punches'

I mean come on, i can understand the men getting stuck in after a few celebratory beers, it IS new year, but the women??? (raises hand to forehead before swooning)

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