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Happy families the card game.

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ROARmeow Tue 31-Dec-13 21:18:21

Ohh, I had that same thing back in the 1980s when I was a child. Hours of fun.... although now I think about it more I can see that it wasn't very feminist....

louloutheshamed Tue 31-Dec-13 11:12:06

Haha yes maybe that's the way to do it!

BuffytheElfSquisher Mon 30-Dec-13 21:16:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PenguinsDontEatStollen Mon 30-Dec-13 21:10:37

How annoying! The one we had wasn't too bad. It was both couples had the same job - Mr Farmer and Mrs Farmer, Mr Baker and Mrs Baker, etc, etc. DD lost loads of cards though, so we binned it.

NiceTabard Mon 30-Dec-13 18:42:27

My FIL bought the children the most HIDEOUS 3 pack of 50s style card games recently. I threw it away. I'll see if I can find a link. It was just vile. the happy families was hideous. And yes I agree that the men are all doing stuff and the women are all just defined by mrs husband name.

The whole thing made me flinch violently. I had caricatures of "red indians" and all sorts.

CajaDeLaMemoria Mon 30-Dec-13 17:54:00

There are a few versions of this.

I bought a new version for nursery a few years back. All the women had cool jobs too. The fireman's wife was a scientist, for example.

There's ones with extended families, same sex families etc too.

louloutheshamed Mon 30-Dec-13 17:52:16

Pil bought this for ds 3yo for Xmas. Mil says she is looking forward to playing it with him over the new year.

It's all mr crumb the baker/fireman/dr/etc and then mrs....the baker's/fireman's/dr's wife.

I know it's twee a d old fashioned,but I really don't like it, but it's one of those where if I say anything to pil I would come across as a completely humourless harpy but I really would like to make the point to them. How do I do it?

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