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Pink/blue scientific calculators

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FairPhyllis Fri 18-Oct-13 13:15:59

I needed to buy a new scientific calculator today so I was looking on the Casio UK website and was flabbergasted to find that along with the bog standard grey/black ones you can also get ones in blue or pink (and in no other colours!). I then looked to see if they were available at WHSmith, to see if this a freak thing that isn't actually available at general retailers, and lo and behold WHSmith not only have them on their website, but actually do their own pink scientific calculator as well (but no blue).

Perhaps this is something you have encountered before if you are a parent but as I am not I was really shocked that it would occur to anyone to gender a scientific instrument.

And where does it stop? Pink instruments for science undergrads? Pink stethoscopes for medical doctors who are women? Do the women scientists at CERN go into a meltdown if things aren't coloured pink for them? (educated guess: I bet they fucking well don't)

Are girls and women now so utterly brainwashed by gender messages that the only way science can be made acceptable to them is by pinkwashing things? Or is it a sign of patriarchy's discomfort with women engaging with science that it feels it has to send them a message: 'we'll let you do this as long as you remember you're just a woman after all'?

Hulababy Fri 18-Oct-13 23:29:02

My dd has one of these calculators. She is in Y7. She chose the blue one.
Just because pink exists doesn't mean a girl has to buy it.

notanyanymore Sun 20-Oct-13 23:46:59

whether its pink, blue, grey, green what the fuck ever really doesn't matter. if you were posting that the pink calculator only worked up to a certain level (i.e you can 'add' and 'subtract') but nothing else (as its not relevant to a woman calculating the groceries and washing dishes...) i might agree but as it is your basically talking shit.

Bunbaker Mon 21-Oct-13 00:07:33

DD has a blue one.

My company sells calculators. I market them on the web, but I can honestly say that I don't pay any attention to the colour except to say what colour they are.

Disclaimer: We don't make them, we just sell them.

BeCool Mon 21-Oct-13 00:31:06

I saw a pink drill for sale in Lidl today. shock No other colours apart from standard black.

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